Why is no one talking about the Dominican Republic? 9 people have died under very similar, mysterious circumstances THIS YEAR.

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by TheCosmicOrb



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This NJ man is the 9th death this year. Officials are deflecting, and saying the deaths are isolated incidents. Bullshit. NINE people in 6 months, under the same circumstances? All found in their rooms, with no apparent cause of death. Heart attacks have been suggested, but one couple died together, so that would be some fucking astronomical heart-attack-sync-up. Some rumors floating around are saying the alcohol they all have access to is tainted, which matches the stories of everyone having used the minibar at some point before their demise.

What is going on in Dominican Republic? Why is this being kept quiet? What do you guys think killed these people? My vote is something in the food/alcohol, intentional or not. Nothing else really makes sense. Organ harvesting?



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