Why is the Black Caucus Trying to Oust Trump

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by Mark Angelides

The Congressional Black Caucus (a group of 48) has become the front running group in calls for impeaching President Trump. With media reporting near constantly that the president is a racist, it is to be expected that a few folk fall for it, but for elected politicians to bury into this seems a tad ridiculous. Is there a deeper motive behind their strengthening opposition?
The black unemployment rate has dropped to a level that (if it continues) will eventually be at the same rate as the rest of America. Jobs are coming back to the U.S., the economy is looking strong and the prospects for American workers are looking pretty good. Is it possible that the Black Caucus is worried that they may no longer be relevant?
There is very little that can be done through law to address individual acts of racism (other than punishing after the fact), so if institutionalized racism doesn’t make headlines anymore, what would become the point of this group?
If opportunity is spread equally across the nation, then the fallacy of institutionalized American racism falls apart. They would, of course, be able to state that they had played their part, but the glory would go to Donald Trump (he would claim it anyway). And equality of opportunity only comes from a strong economy where there are jobs available and where people can actually SAVE their money.
Black voters are not obsessed with racism and supposed police brutality, they are concerned with the economy, immigration, security and education. To cast them in any other light is to deny them as fully functioning members of society…This is what the Black Caucus is aiming to do.
Why would they do such a thing? Could it be that they are more concerned with their own power and funding than the plight of Black Americans? Surely they have a good reason to call for Donald Trump to be impeached?
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver puts it all on one single thing:
“I don’t know if the people around the country understand that he has launched … an assault against African-American people starting with his refusal to accept the first African-American president, by continuing to declare that he was from Kenya. No other president in history has had to face that kind of criticism. We’ve come to conclude that this is a part of his belief system.”
So there you have it. Because Trump once questioned Barack Obama’s place of birth (which many have), this signifies something about his whole belief system? It is idiotic and makes little sense. There is no direct connection between the two concepts.
This is about their dwindling importance and with it their influence and power. They are desperate to stay relevant and will do anything to maintain their position. It’s wrong, it’s sad, and it should show black voters once and for all who is on their side.

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11 thoughts on “Why is the Black Caucus Trying to Oust Trump

  1. The Bull crap artists of the Black Causus did no move one finger when the traitor called Obanana was in charge , he was called the king of the drones and killed thousands of innocent people , but the Black BLS Caucus never considered impeaching the traitor Obanana . Is it only a case of blindness or incompetence or treason ? Or perhaps just criminality ?

  2. “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in a society,
    they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorises it and a
    moral code that glorifies it.” -Frederick Bastiat

  3. Why does the black caucus hate Trump? Because he is NOT racist. His policies would make things more equal and fair over time which would pop their racist cash cow. Shame on them.

  4. The Globalist MUST continue THEIR divide and conquer program to divide America and the world into many diverse blocks which THEY can control easily.
    The British Empire controlled 1/4th of the world population with only 85 thousand troops by mastering the Divide and Conquer techniques of the Romans.

  5. The Congressional Black Caucus is nothing but a racist hate organization that has more power and given more “credibility” than the KKK had back in 1950. All the racist with power and “credibility” today are recognized leftist and at least friends of Democrats

  6. I’m black! The CBC lost its significance decades ago! They stay in power creating victims. Quite telling were their responses to Trump’s statement on black employment, if their minds were in the right place for “their people”, they should have been standing, stomping and clapping! NO…this is killing their reason for their existence! And this includes the Hispanic caucus as well, no relevance, what have they done? Nada!

  7. They hate Black Americans becoming independent. They need to keep their slaves on the Democrat Plantation and the slaves taking jobs and getting off of welfare hurts the CBC’s ability to win. Especially if now working AA see improvements in their paychecks and quality of life not handed to them by Democrat Party House Negros. They are becoming “Free at last, Free at last…Thank God almighty (and Trump) I am Free at Last!”

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