Why is the Pentagon suddenly releasing UFO footage and research projects to the public? Because it can’t account for at least 21 TRILLION dollars.

by psy_raven
By now, everyone has seen the eye-popping NY Times article and the video that came with it. www.nytimes.com/2017/12/16/us/politics/pentagon-program-ufo-harry-reid.html Why? Why now? Why is the Pentagon all of a sudden admitting it is spending money on UFO research? Why are there multiple spottings of cigar shaped inter-stellar objects that could be an alien spaceship, suddenly being reported on? Why is Tom DeLonge all of a sudden being approached by former Pentagon officials to disclose UFOs? Why is the military purposely flying squads of airplane at night in formations that can easily be mistaken as gigantic UFOs?
Why you ask?
Because they need to come up with an explanation for trillions of missing dollars.
Let’s think rationally for a moment. The UFO phenomenon has been filmed since the 1940’s when Foo Fighters were first spotted. worldwartwo.filminspector.com/2016/10/foo-fighters-of-world-war-ii.html Over the decades there have been countless testimonies and sightings by credible sources (like military/commercial pilots) let alone hundreds and hundreds of hours of footage. Ask anyone in the world if they know what a UFO is and they will answer yes. Are we to believe that the strongest, the most advanced military in the world does not know everything there is to know about UFOs in 2010’s? Are we to believe that the research into the topic only began on 2007 as according to the NYT? Absurd! How naïve do you have to be to believe such utter non-sense?
Enter the threat of the first-ever audit of the Pentagon and the DoD. www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-10/pentagon-undergo-first-ever-audit-after-decades-sloppy-accounting-and-missing-trilli As the saying goes, they’re up the creek without a paddle. Yes, they are missing AT LEAST $21 trillion by some estimates and as much as $29 trillion by more “sensationalistic” media outlets. investmentwatchblog.com/29-trillion-dollars-missing-from-pentagon-trump-calls-for-audit/
Where did all this money go? Well, I’d imagine some went to legit above top secret weapons research. Now, most of these experiments probably failed, wasting trillions. The military has every motivation to hide failed experiments while publicizing the crap out of successful ones. Why? Because repeated reports of failures will drive the public and Congress to doubt about funding future projects. So they hide the unsuccessful results as much as possible. They simply don’t want their revenue stream reduced.
Next? Probably a significant amount went in to illegal operations and sensitive surveillance. After all, you can’t actually put into accounting ledgers that we were spying on our closest allies or that we were responsible for certain insurrections in the Middle East, or that we’re actually protecting poppy fields in Afghanistan, right? Or that we’re even spending vast resources monitoring our own population unconstitutionally. No, no, all those things have to be off-the-books.
Finally, I suspect that large sums of money were embezzled or diverted to enrich the Military Industrial Complex. All those extravagant perks don’t come cheap you know. Who cares if the military pays $200k for an LCD monitor that costs $50 to make. It’s all free money. Well, to them that is, because it’s our money.
So, what to do? How are the Pentagon and the DoD going to account for over $20 trillion in missing funds? Well, you figure they’ll point to covert programs and secret development for up to $10 trillion or so. But there’s just no way they’re going to come up with an acceptable explanation for all $20+ trillion.
That’s where the UFO patsy comes in. Yes. They are going to reveal that trillions that were actually squandered (or outright stolen) were justifiably spent on the following: 1. To research and validate the existence of UFOs. 2. To devise and construct early warning systems (such as a satellite network) that can detect UFOs encroaching on our space. 3. To come up with feasible ways to defend ourselves against an unlikely but possible alien invasion. 4. Labs and research centers dedicated to understanding how the UFOs function should they turn out to be real. 5. Etc. etc. bla bla bla…
You see where they’re going with this? When the entire planet is at stake, $10+ trillion in defense suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. Of course, no evidence of actual development or proof of systems will ever be disclosed. You know, national security and all. But all this hinges on the majority of the population believing that UFO are real and that a credible threat is a possibility. This is why more and more information will be released from the Pentagon in the coming months. They want you to believe!
If you need proof of my argument, just look at the NY Times article.

In the $600 billion annual Defense Department budgets, the $22 million spent on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was almost impossible to find.

The very first line of the article specifically states the amount spent on this program. Why does it make such an emphasis in this insignificant amount of $22 million? Simple. They are trying to program us in to accepting that it is normal to spend money on UFO research. Need more proof? Look further down the article.

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“Why aren’t we spending more time and effort on this issue?” Mr. Elizondo wrote in a resignation letter to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

Do you see the psychological manipulation? Do you see how the article is trying to make us believe that funding for UFO research is not only justified but absolutely necessary?
Don’t fall for this crap. While I’m a firm believer in UFOs, I also know damn well that the DoD, CIA, NSA and just about every powerful agency in the country knows the full truth of UFOs. They’ve known for decades! They’re just trying to convince you that all that money that’s missing? Well, that it was well spent. They’re gonna claim they’re saving your ass from greys and reptilians so just be thankful.
In the coming months (and even years), the government will release more and more info on UFOs. Do not fall for it. It’s old news. It’s stuff the govt has known for a long time, carefully packaged to make you think… “hmm, maybe we DO need to spend more money on UFO research and defense.” It’s all a ruse. It’s all a scam. They’re just trying to cover their ass for the missing $29 trillion.
This is the real “Project Blue Beam”. It is to obfuscate and justify the trillions that have been illegally used by our own military.
P.S. Upon re-reading my post, I seem to be saying that UFOs definitely exists and the govt has been hiding it. I am not. I am saying the govt fully knows for sure whether they exist or not. I do not know what they know. All I’m saying is that they are using psyop to get people to question “MAYBE UFOs exists”. When enough people start questioning the existence of UFOs, their secret unaccounted $10+ trillion spent on supposed projects to verify UFOs will seem justified. It will all be BS because they already know whether they exist or not and have known for decades.



26 thoughts on “Why is the Pentagon suddenly releasing UFO footage and research projects to the public? Because it can’t account for at least 21 TRILLION dollars.”

  1. I see this as a back-up in case Russia, China, N Korea, and Iran fail to take the bait the ‘Axis of Evil’ (US/Israel/UK) keeps shoving down their throats.
    Dr. Wernher Von Braun said in ’76 when the ‘war on terror’ the US creates, fails, there will be a faked, ‘alien attack’.
    If [you] keep denying ‘their’ existence, how are you ever going to sell an attack by something that doesn’t exist?
    I call this ‘Planting The Seed’. And they’ve been doing it for awhile, but seems to be picking up speed, since Trump/Israel/Pentagon can’t seem to get those evil, non-Rothschild bank countries to swallow the hook and start a major war to hide the coming collapse. Which, with the Yuan petrodollar now set to begin trading, I can’t imagine it not being soon.

    • Uncle Sam is like a wasted drunk throwin punches at his shadow, they are just standing back waiting for him to pass out! And they have been planting seeds since the American International Pictures UFO themed movies of the 50’s. Known as “Sammy Terry” movies in my neck of the woods : )

  2. First look is right most of the time, EXACTLY what this childlike KREW would come up with , to cover up for the isralies that did911 and stole the MONEY!!!
    just the 911 follow up ! JEWS harvesting their USA!!!

  3. Definitely a distraction. Admitting to $22 million per year for 5 years (claim going on still so another 5 = 10 years). Amounts to a couple hundred million out of $21 trillion missing max. Meanwhile in 1952 the Pentagon for the first time openly addressed the topic and decided ridicule was the more preferred method to cover it up. So are they just trying to pretend that they didn’t already address the issue 60 years ago thinking everyone has forgotten and this is just some recently investigated phenomenon? Yeah, I’m not buying it. Not like millions of people need the government to tell them what they’ve seen for 60 years already with NASA being the optimal coverup program along with corporate and government sponsored scientists.
    Nothing is more insulting than these phony scientists who consider themselves ‘professionals’ getting up there immediately only to disprove everything from the scientific approach. Buh-lieve us, it’s SCIENCE after all! Meanwhile 100 years ago Quantum physics has shown physics is completely flawed and only “just good enough” for our needs, but lets completely academically ignore Quantum physics while simultaneously telling people this magical weird science that few understand is the future. Talk about PSYOPS.

  4. Extraterrestrials are so advanced that they view humans the same way we view ants or grubs. Their craft are only seen when they wish to be seen, otherwise, they remained invisible to us.

    • You are correct, and just where did that technology come from? The Aliens have been feeding us technology for centuries, if not thousands of years. Lately it’s been in the high tech category. They are just observing us to see if we have evolved high enough spiritually to be accepted into their fold. How we choose to use this technology will determine the outcome. The Lemuria and the Atlantis civilizations did not fare well with the knowledge given them.

      • bologney.
        No such thing as ‘spiritual evolution’. This is a fallen planet and man is restricted from polluting the rest of the universe or dimensions. So are the demons who portray themselves as ‘bringers of knowledge and light’ aliens. Deception is their game. No spiritually advanced ‘alien’ culture is feeding this planet anything. We kill our own species. We are at constant war with each other to kill steal and destroy. There is no use for us except to use us.
        The fallen angels are locked up in chains awaiting judgement. The 4 top generals are chained until the end, to be released upon man to physically deceive again just before it’s all over. These ‘alien demons’ in the spiritual realm can only influence man and get men to do their bidding. Just because one cannot explain something does not mean it’s ‘aliens’.

        • You are partially correct we are in Purgatory. But God is a merciful God and his good angels have been tasked to oversee our progression out of this state. We call them Aliens because they are not part of our kind, and we do not understand who they are, and from here they came. The evil ones, the “fallen angels” are confined to our dimension or world. These are the ones who continuously try to drag us down.

  5. Project Blue Beam is just around the corner…do not fall for it. Just enjoy the optical illusions as entertainment, and watch the fools fall all over themselves in panic.

  6. That’s probably also why all of a sudden Star Trek and Star Wars are back on people’s screens – and unlike its predecessors, Star Trek Discovery and the horrible Star Trek Reboot movies are pro-war and about evil aliens while previous Star Trek tended to be optimistic.
    Hollywood does what the Pentagon tells it to. It’s not a random coincidence.
    Now given the size of the universe I think it’s fairly likely that life somewhere else in the universe does exist (and this is regardless of whether you believe in evolution or creation or a mix of both — there’s neither indications that evolution could happen only here (it would point at life possibly springing up even in places completely uninhabitable to us, given life on earth has a habit of adapting to changes in the environment) nor reasons to believe any deity that created us would not have created someone else somewhere else (why else create such a huge universe?)).
    But it is extremely unlikely that they’re here. Why would space aliens who are advanced enough to travel here be interested in colluding with our governments (which they would no doubt identify as evil by just monitoring our news broadcasts) in hiding their existence from the regular people? That would be like human scientists colluding with a leading chimp to make other chimps believe humans aren’t real.
    And if the stories about the military shooting down a UFO, disassembling it and giving its inhabitants the Mengele treatment for “research”, were true, wouldn’t we see a reaction from those who sent them?
    They may be out there somewhere, but they aren’t here, and any attempt to make us believe otherwise is either someone’s fantasy gone wild or an intentional attempt at disinfo to distract us from what’s really happening.
    If you want me to believe a UFO is actually here, get Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Europe and the US all saying the same thing about it. That still won’t make me believe it 100%, but it’ll get me started on investigating more information.

  7. Carl Sagan died believing no credible evidence had been brought forward to prove even one single encounter with a confirmed UFO, and that’s good enough for me. That’s not to say aliens don’t exist, Sagan also was one of the founders of SETI, designed to look for alien radio waves, the theory being that if there is advanced life on other planets at some point they should be just as noisy in the radio frequency range as we are. SETI has been operating for over 20 years and still nothing though. That’s not totally surprising when one compares how long we’ve been transmitting as compared to say how long life has been on the planet, it’s a relatively short blip at this point, blink and you’ll miss it.
    But I for one don’t believe that the technology can exist for space travel to be practical beyond the moon. I don’t even buy the idea we will send men to Mars. Why would we? Robots can do anything a man can do and they don’t need 3 years worth of food, water, air, and fuel for the return trip. A trip to another solar system is out of the question unless some sort of “warp drive” can be developed enabling speeds much faster than light but so far physics says that just isn’t possible. At sub light speeds a return trip to our closest neighbor sun would take generations. Who’s going to sign up for that? But even if you could find some suckers to sign up for a several hundred year journey, it is unlikely it would be successful. Hit one pebble at those speeds and the ship will be destroyed. Plus there is the food question. Anyone remember the Biosphere 2 experiment? And that failed with ample sunlight which there isn’t between stars.
    A third argument I have against the possibility of aliens coming to earth is “why would they”? It would be enormously expensive and I wonder what we have here they couldn’t find in abundance throughout the galaxy if they have conquered physics and can travel the required distances. We like to think a lot of ourselves but it is likely they wouldn’t find us that interesting. If anything they might look at our warlike ways and consider us a potential threat if we ever got hold of that kind of technology. So, since they haven’t exterminated us yet, we can safely conclude they haven’t found us yet. Another way I like to put it is that we can be sure there are no aliens visiting earth because we are still here and they are not.
    I liked the movie “Independence Day” when I saw it but I thought it was a comedy. The idea that we were going to defeat a super advanced telepathic enemy with giant space ships, force shields, whatever kind of weapon that was, and super strength bio-suits with F-16’s and an Apple laptop was just hilarious! But it made for good advertising for the military. On the other hand so did “Stripes”.
    Anyway we already have a doomsday machine to protect ourselves from any conquering aliens in the form of all the nuclear warheads and spent fuel at the 400 or so nuclear reactor sites. Just set off all the bombs and the planet will be uninhabitable by anyone or anything for hundreds of thousands of years. Take that Mr. Space Invader! We’d have to do it too, because what future Mr. Space Invader might have in mind for humans might be pretty grim. If they didn’t just wipe us out I think something approximating farm animals or slaves would be our fate. But I don’t see what humans could do for them that they wouldn’t already have robots that can do it better, so farm animals. But cows and pigs can already do that better, so extermination it would be.
    Therefore, we can conclude with almost certainty that aliens have not visited the planet. Doesn’t mean they won’t though but if they do will will be completely defenseless against their technology other than to nuke ourselves and the planet into oblivion.
    Some will argue “they will be advanced and super moral and just want to live in harmony among us! Like “Men in Black!” That’s funny too. The theory of natural selection does not allow for that, and also we have a long history of invasions among ourselves to look at for examples. For example how well did the arrival of the Europeans work out for the North American natives?
    Issac Asimov never included aliens in his science fiction work because he believed which ever planet achieved space travel first would relatively quickly colonize the entire galaxy, likely before any other creatures capable of space flight could evolve. Even if it took 1 million years of exponential growth, that’s a relatively short time frame compared to how long it takes intelligent life to evolve (still waiting for it to happen here!) Well, he did presuppose that space travel is possible, but his theory is probably correct. Therefore once again we can conclude that because we are here, they are not. They either don’t exist, or c (the speed of light) really is a finite limit on the universe.


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