Why Is The US Military In Syria?

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by SP

First of all, I am not answering this question as much as asking it.

I do not see any obvious direct US national interest there.  Does anybody else?  The English?  The French?  Especially as the war is completely illegal and violates international law.  12 million displaced Syrians and over 500,000 killed.

I am only aware of two significant reasons:

1)   The natural gas pipeline from Russia to Europe traverses Syria (or not), and,

2)   The plan to establish military and economic domination in the ME by Israel (Yinon Plan, 1982)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explained in an email that the best way to help our friends in Israel is to remove Assad.

Christopher Bollyn explains his belief that the power brokers of the Rothschild Banking Industry are the force driving the war in Syria for the benefit of the Zionist world domination project.


Baron David de Rothschild with his employee, Emmanuel Macron and his wife. Macron only appeared on the French political scene last year and suddenly became president of France in a race against Marine LePen. Baron David de Rothschild is also the chairman of the Governing Board of the World Jewish Congress.

Emmanuel Macron, the highly-paid Rothschild investment banker who became president of France less than a year ago, told French media on Sunday that “we convinced” President Donald Trump to stay in Syria. (see 35 second video interview below)

Who is “we”?

Given the fact that Macron is a highly-paid Rothschild agent who became president of France, the question needs to be asked: Who is “we”?
“Ten days ago, President Trump was saying the United States of America had a duty to disengage from Syria… I assure you, we have convinced him that it is necessary to stay for the long term,” Macron said in a televised interview.
This admission by Macron indicates to me [Bollyn] that the Rothschilds are the hidden hand behind the whole media drama about the alleged nerve gas attacks in Salisbury and Syria. This would explain the way the media has been in lock step with the anti-Russian and anti-Syrian narratives, neither of which are supported with any evidence.


British prime minister Theresa May views the Balfour Declaration with the Israeli prime minister,Benjamin Netanyahu and Jacob Rothschild at his house. The Balfour Declaration, which is the birth certificate for the Zionist state, was actually a letter written to Lord Rothschild in 1917. The letter stated Britain’s support for a Zionist state in Palestine, which was in effect one party (UK) giving to a second party (Rothschild Zionists) the land of a third party (i.e. Palestine, Palestinians).

Bollyn concludes by asking the same question I have:

Why would France, or America for that matter, want to wage war illegally against the government of Syria in the first place?

And his answer:

Macron’s frank admission suggests that we are not really talking about French national interests at all — but about the interests of the Zionist international, which is headed by the Rothschilds.


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It is my conclusion (and that of many well informed others on PP) that both the Skripal nerve gas attack and the Douma nerve gas attack were staged and weak deceptions without even a minimum of supporting evidence.  But the media watchdog group FAIR.org reports that of the 26 op/ed’s on the US missile attack in Syria, 100% of them supported it as justified due to the Douma nerve gas attack by Assad.

To me, this is certain evidence that media ownership is in the hands of the same group driving the Syrian war.  This is a far greater issue than that of the nerve gas attack.

Does anyone have a realistic alternative to Bollyn’s view that they feel is true?  I would like to hear it.


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