Why Microsoft would want to acquire Discord, which is reportedly exploring a $10B-plus sale

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Discord is a popular app used by millions of gamers for low-latency voice chat and other communication. Due to social distancing measures and the general growth of the video game industry, Discord nearly doubled its userbase and saw revenue spike to $130 million in 2020. It was valued at $7 billion in December, and is reportedly is not yet profitable.

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That would seem to leave Microsoft as the last real domestic contender here. It has pre-existing ties to Discord, as you can already link your Xbox account directly to the service; it’s certainly got the money, with $131 billion in total cash as of Dec. 31; and it’s reportedly still in the market for more gaming-focused acquisitions, even after finalizing its purchase of ZeniMax Media earlier this month.

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This is a positive move to acquire discord. It will make msft more competitive and improve social media business, which might make it able to compete with facebook. It will definitely help the gaming business as well as msft putting more effort to improve the gaming revenue.


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