Why Playing The Lottery Can Be Good For Your Wealth

We’ve all seen the lottery stats. The odds of other improbable and strange things happening is far greater than hitting the jackpot. However, the point here is not about winning the lottery, as great as that would be, but rather the importance of just buying a ticket.

How does it help me?

Consider two people, one buys a lottery ticket, the other doesn’t. Many financially astute people would say the person who didn’t buy the ticket has saved himself/herself a couple of dollars. The dreamers out there would say you have to be in it to win it, and with so many different ways of playing the lottery available, they are the majority. Excluding the very unlikely chance of the person with the ticket actually hitting the jackpot, what does each of these people gain on the average week?

The no-ticket tactic

This person saves themselves a couple of dollars a week. This reinforces their economic frugalness, and if they are so inclined, allows them to scoff at their lottery-playing counterparts. Other than the saving a few bob, their life goes on as normal, but it also eliminates the chances of losing a winning ticket and the panic associated with that.

The ticket buyer

Playing the lottery may seem naïve to some people, yet somebody wins it fairly regularly. While the odds are slim, the possibility of it being us one day can have an impact on our attitude.
From the moment you buy your ticket, you just can’t help but think ‘What if?’ Would you tell anyone? Would you move? Where would you travel? What would you buy? Which friends and family would you help? Suddenly you consider the possibility of a life with financial freedom, possibilities, and security. In short, it allows you to daydream and gives you hope.
The power of positive thinking should not be underestimated. While it may not enjoy the same gravitas as words like ‘Discipline’ or ‘Work ethic’, research is consistently starting to point towards the real-life benefits of a positive attitude.
These positive thoughts can have a cumulative effect that alters our outlook on life. Positive people see more possibilities, set goals and dream. These benefits can continue long after any initial emotion has passed. Just like playing as a child develops positive physical attributes, being positive develops mental ones.

How does it help my wealth?

You’re reinforcing a skillset that will help you to visualize your goals. In real-world terms, this helps you to quantify what you want to achieve, and the more real these goals are, the more motivated you’ll be towards building that life for real.
Don’t wait for the improbable jackpot win. Start planning to achieve some of these dreams. If you want to travel the world you can. You may not be able to afford to stop in 5-star hotels along the way, but you can start travelling more regularly with virtually any budget. Cut your expenses, go all out to save and research your options.
If your goals are more long-term, then start to learn more about investing and saving. Create a financial plan with clearly defined steps to help start moving your life in the direction you want.