Why South Africa is Still the Most Unequal Country on the Planet

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by Mark Angelides

After the ending of Apartheid, South Africa looked set to become the driving force of the African continent. It had the developed world’s support behind it, popular support from almost everyone, and yet it has sunk to the very bottom of the world’s equality rankings (in terms of economic disparity). And it’s not only economically that South Africa is struggling. Political corruption is rife, violence is high, and the threat of insurrection is never far away.
When the charismatic Mandela came to power as the head of the African National Congress (ANC, the present ruling party), many in the Western governments and media predicted a “great leveling” (Nelson was after all an avowed Communist), they assumed that all people would grow richer and that South Africa’s problems would soon be solved. But this wasn’t to be.
Soweto (now famous as the setting of the movie (District 9), has now become an almost unmanageable sprawl of poor housing spreading into barely stable shacks and lean-tos. Blacks, Whites and Coloured,* who have any money at all, move into gated communities with armed guards, and the incredible rise of gun crime, carjacking and home invasions affects almost every aspect of day to day life.
The politics of South Africa has become a battlefield. Only last month, after President Jacob Zuma fired yet another Finance Minister, the Rand was declared a “junk currency” and millions took to the streets in protest, demanding that he steps down. A vote for “no-confidence” was called (again), but defeated. And the ruling ANC party still remains in majority control.
The Zuma government is often criticized for its corruption and ties to the billionaire Gupta brothers, who seem to regard African Nations as their own personal playgrounds and resource banks, using, abusing and exploiting at whim (all enabled by Zuma). During the protests, people flew banners saying “End Zupta Now!” (“Zupta” being a mix of Zuma and Gupta).
Hot on the heels of the ANC is the EFF (the Economic Freedom Fighters party), whose main policy could be fairly described as “One Boer, One Bullet”. Basically calling for the execution of all whites and the seizure of their land. They were formed by an ex ANC politician and are now the 3rd largest party. They are a Socialist, Nationalist Group.
It is easy to see South Africa as a failed experiment in multi-culturalism, with 11 different official languages, and many more tribes. A fair few of these groups carry hatred for other groups. It is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people, but it is sliding into a chaos that was never envisioned. Is it perhaps a glimpse into the West’s future where “all cultures are equal, and none is above another”
* The term Coloured refers to an actual recognized race in South Africa. It is people who are (usually) Bantu but with some white ancestry.

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18 thoughts on “Why South Africa is Still the Most Unequal Country on the Planet

  1. South Africa is a portent of the US after my generation (I’m 52 years old) dies and the demographics changes to the point white people will only be hunting trophies.
    40MM blacks are killing whites every night. There are 4MM whites left in South Africa. Not for long.
    Zimbabwe was not a flute, South Africa was not an anomaly, and the threats from blacks on social media in the US to “kill all white people,” or “Kill all white women, so there are no more white babies,” is not hyperbole, the black people whites have to worry about can’t even spell hyperbole.
    BETTER FK’ING BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY, because they mean it.

    • It’s not working for the EU idiots. And it won’t work for the USA either. Thank god I’m 70 and won’t live to see this abomination to the white race.

      • My dad died at 83, on his birthday sept of last year.
        He said exactly the same thing as you did, lucky he’s getting out now, and he lived in an America where you could be successful if you worked hard. When the chrome on cars were thick, and the women were straight. You could have a family, a home, a couple cars and a nice retirement.
        I was a paramedic. I tended to my dad’s wounds, that the incompetent medical industrial complex fk’d up surgeries for his cancer in the last couple of years. When I served my father, it was more rewarding than the thousands I helped and half dozen or more I brought back to life, because those people I saved didn’t even care about themselves, so even “caring for others,” in the end depending on the population, steals that purpose from you.
        The white women have already closed shop, now for almost 20 years. They have stopped having babies. Now, white people couldn’t even recreate the population they once had, and the 3rd world continues to make kids with their first cousins (google it, if you think I’m full of shit…EU, 40% first cousin kids…at least, probably under reporting because of the horrible practice.)
        You are lucky. I’m 52, I’m gonna be running around, when I’m 60-62, like the 4MM whites in South Africa that even in their gated communities always being hunted.
        tyvm white women. That’s why my sons are half hispanic. Except for their superior grades, no one would know, they are White Inside™.

    • “Know your enemy?”
      I don’t see any mention whatever of the Jews, who are architecting it all! (“Culture of Critique” (MacDonald).
      In what material way are YOU fighting back?
      Are you still sending monthly checks to their entertainment cartels, for example? Boycott them, every way, every day.
      Hollywood. TV. Netflix. Disney. Vegas. Cruises. Videogames. Diamonds.

      • …and no, I DO vote with my money and time. I AM one of the reasons why Target lost 15bn dollars last year promoting velvet mafia death culture. I DO promote all heterosexual breeder men to stop supporting those collectives working for their own death.
        If you read my disqus history, I also say I have more in common with the working man that swallows shit all day at work, to come home so he can continue to swallow shit from his family, more than to race, because all of us know the real score.
        I do not allow my family to spend anymore on LGBTQPU+ velvet mafia satanic cabals (hollywood is now owned exclusively by Chinese govt corps; all movie production houses and media content companies, but the satanists are still in place, producing content).
        I don’t even watch the shit they produce on TV/Cable, I’ve stopped clicking on sjw/political correctness bs articles online and promote everyone to do the same. Let the chinese bot nets create false clicks for CNN, MSNBC, etc., because no one goes there to look at total lies.
        I even promote MGTOW, because in the LGBTQPU+ death culture, our women are now so misandrist as to be safe only if you keep moving (drop a load and go, with semen discipline) or fee for service and/or overseas surrogacy for kids (Pay One Price, not forever).

    • P.S. Even the U.S. Army War college said the Jews did 9/11. So, you know, WTF? You accurately describe Black behavior. But they are just pawns the Jews use to genocide Whites.

      • Idc WHY that black man is trying to kill me on the subway. I’ve had to defend my life (not getting mugged, MY FK’ing LIFE), and I’m still here.
        Soros has said, the black people are the easiest to manipulate, but Idc why, I care about that black man, with that knife, with the intention to kill me.
        All of us are not robots. We have a choice.
        I have spoken about the bankers, which not all are jews, given the latest expose by a Dutch Banker that wanted to be the 8,500 people that controlled the world.
        Everyone, especially those that say they are willing to die, instead run over people with trucks, I can only think are puppeteered by those that control.
        My disqus history is not private. READ my comments, I do reference jews as necessary.
        There is a sect of satanic jews called Sabbateans that Kusner is a member, who believe that by doing all evil it will hasten the end of the world.
        There are cryto jews called Donmeh, that are the house of Saud, and powerful in Turkey.
        IF, 7 billion people can be puppeted by 8,500 people: WE DESERVE WHAT WE GET.
        Ok, Russell?
        Idk, if the regular beta male jew like Woody Allen marrying his adopted step daughter, are responsible for anything and at least in Israel, look like they are ravaged by their govt as much as anyone else. In Israel, a kid can be taken from any family without justification (similar to false justification here in the US), lots of stuff like that in Israel, I have read.
        Soros fed off his own. Madeline Albright did as well, and then bombed Serbia, the nation that saved her from death as a thank you. Most Neocons come from families that have become wealthy through the exploitation of their own in WWII. A little dirty secret.

      • In 5 years, the die will be cast, and the demographics will be indefensible. I think myself ALREADY DEAD, and that’s why my too sons are now safely hidden.
        I hope for a time when merit reigns in the majority of our society, but that can’t happen if you are being run by people too dumb to live in a modern society.
        That IQ level, thanks to the Brits (they always have these awesome studies) is 97.
        Here’s a map of the world of all countries avg IQ. Look from where the US and EU have imported their useless eaters. Game over.
        If you are a white girl in Kansas, YOU SEE the migrants being placed in your midst, right? I’ve heard bad things happening there. Don’t expect those calls reported of, “Kill all white women, so they don’t have white babies.” was hyperbole. The people that say that and have said that, don’t know wtf hyperbole means, nor can spell it. Believe them, plan ahead.

        • I noticed the top six countries with the highest IQ average are homogeneous. This should be no surprise to most…yet it is.
          Only fools refuse to grasp the implications of being white in America.
          Me and mine have plans in place.

  2. From the beginning of time blacks with their low IQ and inability to produce their own food have only been good as slaves. Ask the Jews, from whence modern slavery started.

    • The jews still control them in every country around the world. They always listen to the shills that the jews put into their communities to sway them into thinking that the communists are the way to go and listen to them as they will give them lots and lots of free shiittee and they can rob and rape and murder to their heart’s content with no punishment forthcoming from anyone.

  3. District six, the place and the film is 1,500 kms from Soweto.
    The rest of the article is equally accurate.
    The problem is that the whites still ‘earn’ about 60% of the income in SA. But they also are responsible for about 95% of the production.
    African culture does not adapt to either capitalism or democracy. Forcing both on a non-democratic and non-capitalist society is going to fail.
    Most importantly, Africa is the picture of the world future. Africans had a place as labourers, strong and capable. The machines and industry made them obsolete. Westerners had a place as skilled factory and industrial workers, China and the east, learned how and replaced them more cheaply. ‘Robots’ are replacing the skills in Europe and the East.
    Finally westerners (and Asians) were educated clerical and knowledge workers, computers and AI have made such (repetitive) work redundant. For instance Barcodes and Barcode readers (and computers) have replaced over 80% of retail workers.
    The world is left with a massive ‘entertainment’ industry, a small ‘innovation’ industry and a growing ‘military’ industry as the large powers try to steal what few natural resources are left.
    People are bored with the ‘entertainment’ (if you have watched one football match, heard one rap song or seen one ‘Game of Thrones’ you have heard and seen them all), no longer challenged by ‘innovation’ (iPhone 5 v’s iPhone 6 [or is it 8?] v’s Samsung whatever) and accept the wonders of GPS and Uber as normal, and are all very, very tired of all the endless wars.
    Come to SA to see your future, no matter where you live at the moment.
    PS it is still a beautiful, beautiful country.

  4. South Africa keeps killing white people pretty soon they will be a country devoid of anything to export or devoid of any crops to harvest. They are dumber than dog poop to kill the white people…..but what do I know? I only go by what history has proven about those people. They cannot improve over mud huts and spears and constant wars against other tribes. That’s all they know.

  5. When blacks take over, everything falls apart. Baltimore and Detroit used to be great cities. Zimbabwe and South Africa used to be first world countries. Black means crime, poverty, and misery. That average IQ of 68 is a killer..

  6. Lincoln had the right idea. Send blacks back to africa, He fought for that his whole adult life and every history book that is NOT a school textbook will tell you that. He opposed slavery but by no means did he want blacks in america.

  7. So if they kill and hunt all whites it`s better to leave and let the ship sink. There`s places like Australia , ask do they welcome you and your business , if so ,move there . it`s a Win-WIN for both Australia and South African whites .
    Just my 2 cents

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