Why the apps of the Facebook all went down and what does it have to do with the NZ shooting.

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by icantfindagreat



*New Zealand and California has 20 hours difference being in different time zones

*Shooting has taken place in New Zealand

*Facebook HQ is in Canada


Thursday (topic time)

04:56 (NZ time) to 08:56 CA [Tuesday] (Facebook, Instagram and What’s App went down)

13:40 (NZ time) to 17:40 CA (?) (upload of manifesto on 8chan)

Friday (topic time)

08:30 (?) (NZ time) to 12:30 [Thursday] (?) CA (Facebook, Instagram and What’s App came up again)

13:30 (NZ time) to 17:30 CA (board of the shooter’s message on 8chan)

13:40 (NZ time) to 17:40 CA (start of shooting)

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14:10 (NZ time) to 18:10 CA (police arriving at the place and shooter(s) entering another Islamic Center 4 miles away)

16:00 (NZ time) to 20:00 CA (detained a person)

16:28 (NZ time) to 20:28 CA (request of New Zealand of closure of the mosques)

18:10 (NZ time) to 22:10 CA (announcement of removal of any video on Facebook and Twitter, newer versions still on YouTube)

20:55 (NZ time) to 00:55 CA [Friday] (8chan and 4chan temporarily banned from New Zealand)


My theory is that Facebook was aware of the manifesto and blacked down their apps so as to make sure that the manifesto won’t be spread. When the black down happened with the Facebook family apps someone forced Facebook to restore everything in order to be spread the manifesto and the livestream would be also viewed by the users. Then Facebook so as to clean all this “mess” announced that they will remove any video of this tragedy, although they did have taken care so as to prevent the livestream to be uploaded. Just a theory.

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All respect and love to the victims and their families.


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