Why the Democrats will Never Again be an Electoral Force

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by Mark Angelides

Most democratic nations follow a system whereby two or more opposing parties vie for votes, receive a certain amount of representation based on their vote share, and spend their time trying to barter, cajole, or force through legislation that will either be better for their target demographic or ensure new votes in the next cycle. But what happens when the system breaks down? What happens when the purpose of power becomes the holding of power and nothing more? The Democrats have given up seeking votes; now they just want the power.
When you consider how prevalent identity politics has become, it seems strange that the Dems are now fighting policy that would be good for their traditional key demographics. In President Trump’s “YUUGELY” popular congressional speech, he outlined policies that will (if correctly enacted) do good for pretty much all U.S citizens. But looking at the audience (the Dem side), they decided to make a statement of “non-support”. And “non-support” is fine if it’s against something that you don’t believe in, but this was directly against:

  • Jobs. Tens of thousands of new jobs either being created or being kept in the U.S.
  • Drug treatment and Security. Bringing the flow of drugs into the U.S to a halt and providing better care for those who need rehabilitation.
  • Uniting all Americans.

What could they possibly have been objecting to? What is it about safety and prosperity that they don’t like? I would suggest that it’s the possibility of citizens being free from the shackles of the State. If you don’t need the State to support you: that’s freedom. And they don’t want people to be free. “Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” as Benito Mussolini described his ideal of totalitarianism. And this is the Democrats blueprint for the future. The only thing standing in their way is the voting public.
Should we take the time to think about the Democrat’s (and by association and design, the Left’s) reactions to Donald Trump’s win, we can see that they are not the actions of a group looking to win the next election.
Permanent Protest
The U.S has seen almost constant protests since the inauguration. Many are supported by or endorsed by (and in some cases, attended by), people within the Democrat party. An effective opposition party is NOT a protest group. An effective government is NOT a protest group. To run a country, you need to be FOR something, not against everything.

Refusal to Cooperate
No one should follow an unjust law. But refusing to cooperate with basic laws that are already in place (and that you have cooperated with before), show a certain amount of immaturity. As the Brits like to say “throwing their teddies out the pram”. It also sets a dangerous precedent. If they ever do regain power, what’s to stop the other side using the same tactics: protests, court actions and non-compliance to frustrate and hold up the business of government?
When a party loses an election, it is a time to “learn Lessons.” They should be thinking about policies, best-practices, and “the message” that will unite the nation behind them. But they’re not doing this. The Left are no longer interested in seizing power through the ballot box, so what is their plan?

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5 thoughts on “Why the Democrats will Never Again be an Electoral Force

  1. the instant magic mix to return the democrats to power across all of government is to elect another bush as president.
    they’re 2 for 2 on delivering the entire government, all at once, to full democrat control.
    and in one case, with super majorities.

  2. What is their plan? Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. It’s all they have. The left is in their death throes. They have nothing to lose. Queen Hillary was supposed to have been on the throne right now. The author is right, it’s all about power. This non-politician running things is not only a political challenge for them. It is an existential threat to their entire order.

  3. I am sorry for them, but the very strong belief is that Republicans (all of ’em) are inherently evil has pretty much come to roost in the Democrat mind. The idea that anything good could come from having a Republican president, senator, representative, heck dog catcher is utterly foreign to these people. It is simple and clear-cut: Trump (and the majority in the Senate) must go. American is a country at war with itself until this happens, and the enemy is easily identified – Republicans.Now, quite a few squishy Republicans are viewed as sort-of-OK by most Democrats because they are willing to trade principals for power. Sure, the State will end up running everything and owning everything, but that is OK as long as they are in power and in positions of prestige and authority. I think most conservatives view these sorts of political animals as being just short of being unacceptable. The only thing worse would have been to have a Progressive Democrat get elected instead of the power-seeking Republican.I find it only barely acceptable to be considered Republican given our current crop of folks in office. We can do better, because the people that are in it for the power and prestige aren’t doing anyone in the country a favor. But the idea that Republicans=evil has to go as does “progressivism”. It is a belief that will drive the country to be a socialist, totalitarian wasteland.

  4. I remember just a few very short years ago, when exactly this kind of story was being published and circulated about the Republicans. Trump is clearly unique, but that doesn’t bode well for the Republican party.

  5. Imagine a “political” party that side with illegals and invaders over the citizens.
    Who ever thought this would be a winning strategy?

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