Why The Media Didn’t Make A Big Deal Of The YouTube Shooting

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by Daniel Carter

The anti-gun narrative coming from the mainstream media has been relentlessly pushed upon us for a month and a half now. They have insinuated that anyone who challenges the arguments of the Parkland students is a monster, exclaimed that nobody needs an AR-15 and equated the NRA to a terrorist organization. So, one might think they would take every opportunity to further demonize gun ownership after the YouTube shooting. However, this incident conflicts with their carefully crafted narrative.

Here are the key reasons that the media didn’t make a bid deal of the YouTube shooting:

The Shooter Wasn’t A White Male

The rise of identity politics in the Western world has leftists separating everyone into groups of “oppressors” and “oppressed.” The lazy thinking of leftists has driven them to put all white males at the top of the oppressors list. Simply put: white males are an easy target for leftists to beat up on.

Admittedly, white males are the most common perpetrators of mass shootings. They are usually male because males have higher testosterone, which leads them to be more aggressive. They are usually white because this is a majority white country. Still, it is a giant leap (and racist and sexist) to say that white males are the root of all societies problems.

Because the YouTube shooting was committed by a female, who was also an Iranian immigrant, the left could not use their typical “blame the white guy” narrative. This shows us how important ideological conformity is to the left. Anything that doesn’t fit their narrow-minded worldview will be ignored.

No Kids Were Involved

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Nothing tugs on the heartstrings of the human race like children. Because they are small and innocent, it is in our nature to want to protect them. When they are harmed, we get highly emotional. However, emotion is usually the enemy of logic.

The Parkland shooting was not the first time the elite and their subservient media partners have used kids to push a narrative. One year ago, the war hawks within the US government attempted to blame a chemical attack in Syria on the Syrian government. Shortly after the chemical attack took place, Trump decided to launch a missile strike on a Syrian military base.

The Deep State was successful in convincing the president and the American public that a missile strike on Syria was necessary by flooding the media with stories of child suffering from the chemical attack. The Parkland shooting was used in a very similar manner; by using child suffering to push another narrative that benefits the elites.

A Pistol Was Used Instead Of An AR-15

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The elite and their leftist underlings have been trying hard to outlaw “assault” rifles. Except, when you ask a leftist to define what an assault rifle is, they can’t. To them, it’s any weapon that looks scary, especially the AR-15.

Unfortunately for the gun-grabbers, the woman responsible for the YouTube shooting used a handgun instead of an AR-15. This should be no surprise as a large majority of gun homicides are committed by handguns. According to the FBI, only 3% of gun homicides were committed with rifles in 2016. That number rises a bit with mass shootings, but it is still significantly less than handguns at about 20%.

Clearly, the problem isn’t any type of rifle, let alone “assault” rifles. The YouTube shooting proved this once again, which is a huge reason the mainstream media had to ignore the incident.


If a mass shooting does not conform to the elite’s carefully crafted narrative, it will be quickly swept under the rug. After all, the anti-gun (specifically anti-AR-15) narrative is much more important to them than the victims they use to promote it. Keep a close eye on the shootings the media focuses on, and the shootings they ignore, for a greater insight into how they are manipulating the public into giving up their rights.




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