Why The System Can’t Change

by S7

I always understood our country was established as a Representative Republic, not a true Democracy. Where in a democracy, the concentrations in densly populated areas could easily outvote the less densley populated areas, thereby eliminating the vote of the people living in the country. Hence the reason for the electoral college, with the problems that it has. Nevertheless, I agree the system is broken and probably beyond saving the original concept that was America. Possibly a slide into socialism is what is coming.

Chris mentioned people shrug their shoulders and say “what can you do” and there are some that are content or happy with the system as it is. I belive that where we are in society today, there is a majority of the population that is receiving part or all of their income from the government. Why would someone who is receiving something from the government, whether they work for it or it is handout, want to reduce or eliminate it? They don’t see their income or subsidy as part of the problem. They are on the gravy train. Little to no competition.

Perfect example is our failing public education system. In our state, Washington, we had a House Bill on the ballot a year ago, 2242 I think, that would impose 12.9 Billion dollars in property taxes over 10 years to “Fully fund K-12 Education”. It got voted down statewide 62% to 38%, however, the court ruled that it must fully fund education K-12 and it got imposed anyways. Teachers went on strike demanding more money. Even after as much as a 20% salary increase, they still complain this hasn’t fixed the problem. I’m sure in a few years they will be back crying about how they just can’t continue unless they get another influx of tax revenue. My property tax went up $600. I now pay over $4000 a year on State and Public school taxes and I don’t use them. I home school and I pay for my own curriculum. The first thing that this new tax will go towards is increased salaries. “We must pay for good teachers” is the argument, and the non crittically thinking masses swallow it. State law requires them to teach 1080 hours per year (RCW 28A.150.220) Schools are required to teach a year no less than 180 days ( WAC180-16-215) They spend $18,000 per student for what amounts to a graduated 12th grader that functions on a 10 year old level. (Personal interaction with these students is what tells me that) The teachers make more on average than the privately employed in our area ($82,708 vs $67,106) The superintendent Jean Schumate makes over $230,000 a year, and this doesn’t include the insurance benefits and retirement they get on top of their salaries. They are building a brand new $150 million dollar high school that also got voted through locally to replace the existing High School. It is not going to improve the outcome of the students, still the same Pavlovian style of stimulus training/reward system is in place.

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I don’t know of any of these teachers that have held a job privately in their lives. They have no concept of what it means to be self employed, like myself. To compete for income on a level business environment. They have no clue what it takes to perform a job where you are reliant upon other businesses to MAKE A CHOICE to call you so you have an opportunity to earn money. They are at the trough demanding more every year. You work 2/3rds of the year. Go get a second job if you want more money. I don’t want to hear your whining you aren’t compensated enough to be in an underperforming government monopoly. Go comptete in the private sector and shut your pie hole. You are a part of the problem.

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Eliminate the NEA. Break up the teacher unions. Give parents the choice on how to educate their own children. Let them keep their property tax portion and decide where they want to spend it. If you want to use the public system, fine, pay the $18,000 per yer, per child to get that fine education. Stop demanding that I supplement your abdication of raising your child. If you are not competent or confident enough, let someone else raise your child. Better yet, don’t have children and you’ll be doing the rest of us a huge favor.

Adults, teach your own kids. Don’t give them over to someone repeating what someone else told them.

Yes a storm is coming, and you do not want to be on the receiving end if I have to make a choice of food for my family or funding your retirement.


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