WHY “WAITING FOR A VACCINE” IS DUMB: Coronavirus vaccine may not be ready for the public until NEXT winter.

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A coronavirus vaccine may not be available to the public until at least September 2021, a Government scientist has warned.

Professor Peter Openshaw, from Imperial College London and an advisor to the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, said he expected a nine-month gap between the vaccine’s discovery and it being made available to the public.

The Oxford vaccine, which is thought to be the most-promising in the world, re-started its trials on Saturday after they were suspended over concerns it may cause dangerous side effects.

A British woman taking part was rushed to hospital reportedly suffering from transverse myelitis, or a swelling of the spinal cord. But these claims were denied by AstraZeneca, which owns the rights to the vaccine.

AstraZeneca has already started producing doses of the vaccine in anticipation of its approval. These will be handed out to countries that have placed orders should they get the go-ahead, with the UK having already bought 100million doses of the experimental jab.

It comes as China claims it has found a coronavirus vaccine that is safe and effective, after hundreds of thousands of citizens given doses and sent abroad did not catch the virus.



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