Why we are going to Crash… How the media is overlooking China… And how big firms are ignoring all the warning signs…

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by [deleted]

The next crash is going to be so big, that they actually need to have the American People, and people off the world bag hold all this shit… If the people dont bag hold, there wont be anything left. Years of fake money printing, fake money supply, is coming to an end. These old fucks really ran it hard for 40 years and at the expense of everyone else. But markets always crash, they just do.

There is not 1, not 1 major Financial Services Firm that has a bearish sentiment on things. Not 1. So for the record, I think its clear they do not have clients best interest, and actually have everyone holding the same shit. Everyone owns a basked of etfs and mutual funds, that are all the same. (aint no one got that GME)

Inflation 6.2% reported, the RRP is stilll at $1.45 trillion, people are quitting work at a record pace, crytpo coins making billions of percent… Houses are not affordable if you have a regular job. Houses are not affordable if you have a great job.

The Government is broke as fuck. LIKE, I wouldn’t want to be seen at a cool party with your broke ass USA Gov… And its all fucked…

So Nearly $30 Trillion in debt…

Most Apes get this, but the older Boomer (and I apologize for the Stereotype) who own FANG (Remember Jim Kramer invented “FANG”) and think they’re a Genius holding Amazon and Google, the companies who stole our rights and data, and sold us off to Algos.

I won’t buy a company like Ammamamozon, because its too much consolidation to one company – long term, it would not be able to support enough people – Unlike me, many people don’t care if they buy a stock that is bad for the country. Most people are selfish and they are going to get theirs.

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See lets look at SPY….. how greedy are you gonna be? If you were a boomer who made $5million, and retired with $1million – cash the fuck out –

Look at 2008 and Look at now… Sorry for the shit graph and that purple line, i like purple…

How much further can this market go?

So im not trying to be a fancy TA post… Im not a TA Expert by any means (full disclosure)

When I zoom in, It appears it broke the channel and it looks broken for now.

Top Ten Holdings are over 27% of the S&P 500

So when this market falls, there is massive “concentration risk” because if any of these large tech stocks get smoked, it will bring the entire market down which is why ——— these mofos are selling like crazy…

This mother fucker bezos is the best one – because when this market crashes – Amazon could easily drop 70% – if you dont believe me go and look at standard deviation of individual stocks during crashes – hes gonna lose like $150bn – hes selling like a mother fucker lol…

Just the last few weeks, I don’t care to show more/go there more but the link is below.


Mark Zuckerberg rebranded FB META, and has CNBC pump it so he can sell his shares to old people at all time highs…

Shilling Facebook while Mark is offloading Billions before the crash…


“BEIJING, Nov 10 (Reuters) – China’s factory gate inflation hit a 26-year high in October as coal prices soared amid a power crunch in the country’s industrial heartland, further squeezing profit margins for producers and heightening stagflation concerns.

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The producer price index (PPI) climbed 13.5% from a year earlier, faster than the 10.7% rise in September, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said in a statement.”

Inflation in China is 10 and 13.5% – WTF?


But 28% of the worlds goods are gonna go up 13.5% –

But at no point did any firm stop and say – lets ease up – the don’t they cant – the American People have to bag hold this crash or there wont be anything less. Im not happy about it. Im getting nervous –

But this is why we have a crash coming ^

The Media, Banks and Financial Institutions are lying to their clients about the true state of things – there is not one major financial services firm with a bearish view on things – astonishing!

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