Why We Are GUARANTEED Impending Doom in the Financial System! The Fed Is Causing It!

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Let’s face it, rising interest rates mean falling stocks. They also mean lower housing prices. But with reasonably higher interest rates, we will see more sounds investments. More stability. More predictability.

Do you think that mortgages will hit 6% in the US?

There are cycles and they are simply regular events. Markets rise and fall. There hasn’t been a time in which markets have gone up forever. It simply doesn’t exist. There are different reasons for a crash but our own central banks are always responsible for inflating bubbles. So what’s going to happen this time?

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What Will Surging Mortgage Rates Do to Housing Bubble 2? | Wolf Street


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Smart Money Index (SMI) — indicator script by HPotter / 2014-06-10 — TradingView


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