Why WH, HHS and CDC keep gaslighting us that the risk is low? That disinformation keeps investors in the BTFD mode!

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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: United Airlines Cuts U.S., International Flights in Response to Coronavirus: Air carrier slicing domestic flying by 10%, international by 20% in April.

JetBlue follows United, announces flight cuts because of coronavirus.

China coronavirus infections spike in central city of Wuhan.

Coronavirus: Australia warns millions could become infected as China toll passes 3,000.

China’s Battle Against Coronavirus: 7 Takeaways.

How countries around the world are responding to the coronavirus outbreak.

Facebook shuts Seattle office after contractor gets coronavirus.

In drastic step, Italy bishops cancel weekday Masses in coronavirus areas.

The Coronavirus Outbreak in Washington State.

UK Will Announce Publicly Move to Next Phase of Coronavirus Battle Plan: PM’s Spokesman.

Iran reports 107 deaths, 3513 infections from coronavirus: health ministry spokesman.

Factbox: Italy’s Draconian New Measures to Tackle Coronavirus Contagion.

As the coronavirus spreads, one study predicts that even the best-case scenario is 15 million dead and a $2.4 trillion hit to global GDP.

Coronavirus death toll rises to 11 in US; N.H. man with virus ordered to self-quarantine.

Coronavirus: What happens to college students forced to leave study abroad trips?

Amid coronavirus outbreak, social interactions becoming more cautious.

Coronavirus Could Force Teams to Work Remotely.

Coronavirus: ‘Countries should be preparing for sustained community transmission,’ World Health Organization says.

Coronavirus has Apple warning stores about a shortage of replacement iPhones.

US Treasury yields drop to the lowest level in 150 years.

Coronavirus vaccine at least 12 to 18 months away: top US virus expert


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