Why won’t she debate? Kim Foxx declines to debate challenger

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by DCG

I took a debate class in high school many moons ago. It was actually a great class where one learned many concepts that liberals despise: argument preparation, persuasive arguing (which later helped in my marketing/proposal writing career), logic and fact organization (with fact-based evidence), and communication, among others. I wonder if they even still teach debate in high school any more? You can certainly tell that ever since 2016, debate appears to be a lost art.

Cook County State Attorny Kim Foxx (demorat) also appears to not favor the art of debate anymore as she has chosen to avoid that event with her challenger, republican Pat O’Brien.

The reason Foxx won’t debate? MyFoxChicago says it’s because of Pat O’Brien using “Trump-like name calling and fear mongering” in recent editorial board interviews. Oh noes!

More from MyFoxChicago: “Foxx’s campaign released a statement, saying in part: “Ultimately, these Trump-like ‘win at all costs, even when the proof is in front of your face’ strategies are dangerous for our criminal justice system and our democracy.”

Read the whole story here.

Girl, please. If the proof is that strong, it should give you a major advantage at a debate.

What a coward.



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