Why Would Republicans Do A Bomb Scare To Mess Up The Vote They Know They Are Going To Win?

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This is all about the midterms, just so you’re all aware. Don’t forget.

We know we are going to win.

Because true americans are HARDER than pussy liberals on welfare wanting their crumbs…

Trumptards aren’t behind this.. Its the democrats trying to stir sh*t up!!

Coincidental this happens right before the midterms and the caravan! Just bad timing! Coincidental!

Ha ha ha ha… Wake up demotards!

A red vote is a vote for your family and your security and your liberty…

FLASHBACK: Democrat McClinton Burns Black Church to the Ground With “Vote Trump” Message to Frame Trump Supporters Just Before Election

ANDREW MCCARTHY: The Pipe-Bombs Story: Another Example of Why No One Trusts the Media. “There is plenty of media commentary at the moment about incivility, in the form of incendiary rhetoric and actions. This is entirely appropriate. But I’m at a loss to understand how the climate is improved by spicing up reports with thinly veiled suggestions that President Trump may have triggered a series of potentially murderous attacks on political opponents. When Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson opened fire on the Republicans he targeted and nearly killed Representative Steve Scalise, I don’t recall much Times speculation about whether he could have been set him off by Democrats urging their supporters to get aggressive — ‘get in their face’; ‘if they bring a knife, we bring a gun’ — when dealing with political adversaries.”


That’s different because shut up.

BUT OF COURSE: Former Clinton Staffer Blames Trump for Clinton, Obama Attempted Bombings.

Flashback: Hillary Clinton Says Democrats Can’t Be Civil Until They’re Back in Power.

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SURE. HE’LL DO IT AS SOON AS THE LEFT APOLOGIZES FOR THEIR WORDS INSTIGATING VIOLENCE, AND THE VIOLENCE THEY INSPIRED:  Schumer, Pelosi: Trump Bomb Condemnation ‘Hollow’ Until ‘He Reverses Statements That Condone Violence’.

ME TOO:  Done with all the Fake Bomb stuff.

HMMM: Former bomb disposal officer weighs in on CNN’s ‘bomb:’ ‘That thing is just silly looking.’

Update: So Chris Hayes is saying the ISIS flag on those bombs was actually a … ‘Get Er Done’ sticker?

More: Limbaugh: Were Bomb Threats A ‘False Flag’ Operation?

Update (10:45 PM): Pipe Bomb and Powder Delivered to CNN Were Harmless.


The STILL REPORT: The Red Tide Gets Harder To Hide!
Note: Report begins at 1:14.

h/t Deplorable American Patriot


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