Why you can’t trust the media…

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the national media, it’s that they don’t see themselves as a part of our democracy. They see themselves as the dictators of it.

The Washington Post’s Perry Bacon Jr. (yes, that’s a real name) wrote Wednesday that it’s necessary for leftist media to recalibrate in the post-Trump years. But not in any sense of understanding what happened during Trump’s tenure, nor why he retains a devoted base of supporters making up nearly half of the country.

No, Bacon says: Instead, the national press should be more upfront that their mission is less about relaying information and more about protecting voters from themselves.

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“The media can’t credibly go back to posturing as disinterested or neutral — nor should it if Trump and Trumpism remain threats to democracy,” wrote Bacon. “It needs to chart a new path forward for a United States with a Trumpian Republican Party.”

Bacon’s recommendations include a statement of “transparency” that big news organizations “should play a power-balancing role” and that they be “overtly democracy-defending.”


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