Why You Should Be VERY WORRIED About The Fed in 2019.

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The Fed doesn’t love you. The Fed doesn’t care about you. The Fed doesn’t care about your 7 Shares of Amazon. Stop it. Stop being ridiculous. If the Fed cared about you, they would printed money in 2007 and 2008. But they waited until institutions needed bailouts. Why? They made a mistake? They didn’t see it coming? Let’s grow up. They did so with the intention of creating a crisis so their friends can profit from it. So that the government can expand with the permission of the people. They can’t do it when times are good. They must make people suffer and then they will beg for resolution. Sovereignty becomes meaningless.

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What a ride January has been. It’s completely echoing January 2018 in many ways. But I guess this time is different, right? We have the Fed backing us up, ensuring everything is totally fine, so we have nothing to worry about. Well there’s a couple points that need to be fully understood. We must acknowledge the fact that the Fed and other central banks can never increase interest rates meaningfully and they must continue to print money for eternity. If either of these changes, the market will collapse, potentially taking the entire monetary system with them. No worries though. They love us.

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Sven Henrich on Twitter: “The greatest economy ever just couldn’t handle an effective Fed funds rate above 2.27%… ”

Sven Henrich (@NorthmanTrader) | Twitter

DoubleLine CEO Gundlach says Fed’s Powell ‘caving to the stock market’


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