Why You Shouldn't Get Your Hopes Up Over JFK Files

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by Daniel Carter
Today is the much-anticipated release date of the infamous JFK files. President Trump’s remarks on the declassification set social media ablaze with speculation on what we might learn from these documents. However, truth-seekers should be reluctant to get their hopes up. If the documents contained anything too revealing about the truth behind JFK’s assassination, the CIA, NSA or any other US intel organization would be stupid to release it. The CIA is many things, but it is not stupid.

This does not mean the CIA or other intel organizations have never compiled an accurate description of what led to JFK’s assassination. In fact, JFK researcher, Malcolm Blunt, recently pointed out that CIA documents on Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK’s supposed assassin) have disappeared. This raises even more suspicion surrounding this case as Oswald was the most likely piece of the puzzle in determining what motives were behind JFK’s assassination. In case you forgot, Oswald himself was assassinated shortly after the death of JFK and before he could speak about the incident in detail.
Was Oswald really acting alone, or did he have other accomplices? Was Oswald living out some deranged fantasy of killing a president, or was the assassination for political reasons? These are questions we will probably never definitively know the answer to. This is because the answers have been willfully kept from us.  
No one should be surprised by the level of deceit involved in keeping ordinary citizens in the dark. After 9/11, there was an effort to hide a US ally’s involvement in the terrorist attack. The infamous 28 Pages were willfully hidden from the public because they showed Saudi Arabian ties to 9/11. Once the pages were released, it was still difficult to connect the Saudi government to the heinous act because the 28 Pages were only the beginning of an investigation that had been halted. Had the 28 Pages been truly incriminating, they would have never been released. Luckily, more information is still coming out on Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11.
It is evident that the Deep State will go to great lengths to keep the public from the truth. JFK distrusted the very institutions that are responsible for investigating his death. Is the CIA/Deep State responsible for the death of JKF, as so many have suspected? We will not find out from this JFK file release, and I doubt that we will ever know the true story. These secret organizations have hidden the truth from us many times in the past, and they will continue to hide the truth from us in the foreseeable future. I will leave you with JFK’s most famous speech about the dangers of secret societies.

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