WI Slapdown didn’t work: Gov. Evers makes next move in allowing DHS to craft new emergency rule

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MADISON, Wis (WMTV) – Less than 24 hours after the state Supreme Court quashed the Department of Health Services’ extension of the state’s ‘Safer at Home’ order, thereby ending all the restrictions it placed on residents and businesses, Gov. Tony Evers moved to restore the emergency powers to his health agency.

Noting that the state Justices determined the extension was invalid because the agency issued the directive as an ‘order’ and without consultation with the legislature, he tasked health officials with creating a ‘rule,’ which requires public input and consultation with lawmakers.

Evers took the first step Thursday, when he released the framework for the rule change, a so-called Statement of Scope, that will be put forth for public input starting Monday.




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