WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton’s Blood Clot Treatment

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10 thoughts on “WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton’s Blood Clot Treatment

  1. So where was the raghead on Sept 11th? Not beside her mama that’s for sure. Where is/was she? Hiding in case she got the tip off she’s next in line for the Vince Foster treatment……?

  2. Very worrying if she becomes president, if her condition strikes she may find it difficult to distinguish between friend and enemy.
    God help America.

  3. “Why did this clot in the brain occur in the first place?”
    Why? It wouldn’t be from a plane crash in Iran on a secret mission there, where a SEAL Team CO that was her escort, died in that crash, and was “thanked” for his service by a news report that said he committed suicide in Afghanistan, would it?
    SEAL Team COs do not commit suicide,

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