Wild Scenes Of Civil Unrest In Portland

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by Daniel Carter

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you know just how intense political divisions have become. In recent years, we’ve seen neo-Nazi marches, feminist marches, Antifa riots, anti-gun rallies and countless other protests and demonstrations. Unfortunately, violence has often accompanied these political gatherings.

Moods have been hostile all over the US, but the west coast seems to be descending into chaos faster than the rest of the country. Two years ago, 7 people were stabbed in Sacramento during a clash between Antifa and white nationalists. Last year, Berkeley broke out in a massive riot after Antifa started attacking a group called Patriot Prayer (more on them later). For the past few years, we have witnessed major riots in Seattle and many other cities on the west coast.

During this time of political destabilization, one of the most chaotic cities on the west coast has been Portland. This seems to be a place where the relatively equal balance of left-wingers and right-wingers creates an atmosphere that is prone to violence. Right-wing groups like Patriot Prayer have had a strong presence in Portland, and the same can be said about Antifa.

Let’s look at some of Portland’s violent clashes in the past few years before we get to the most recent incident. Before Trump even got elected, in July 2016, protesters confronted each other, and a Trump supporter pulled a gun.

After Trump first became elected, Portland erupted in widescale violence, which eventually led to a man being shot.

Last year’s communist holiday, May Day, led to a massive riot where Antifa destroyed the city.

These are just a few of the dozens of times Portland has descended into violence over the last few years.

Last Sunday, Patriot Prayer and Antifa clashed violently once again. To see the detail of the intensity, check out this highly educational Twitter thread by Mike Bivins:

This violent collision was extremely close to turning deadly. It had intense brawls, “many vs one” beatdowns, pepper spray attacks, rocks being thrown, arrests and much more. At the end, someone from the Patriot Prayer side said, “the communists outnumber us, but guess what, we got guns.”

The political factions in Portland are one bad protest away from engaging in deadly combat. I believe it is entirely possible that the US eventually goes through another civil war. If that is the case, it’s not inconceivable that the first shots are fired in Portland. Political tensions are on their way to escalating to the point of no return.



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