Will 2019 Be the Year the Stock Market Crashes? THIS is the Most Important Chart Right Now!

Is 2019 THE year? Or will we see the bear market reverse?

The global economic collapse is looming in the distance. Precisely when the worst effects will be felt is unknown, but 2018 has turned out to be a terrible year and 2019 is expected to continue that sentiment until the pending issues related to trade have been resolved and the Fed ensures an abundance of liquidity for the desperate markets. 2019 is going to be a very dangerous year to be in debt or those playing with margin.

3000.jpg (1024×288)


2018-12-16_11-29-17.jpg (890×467)


760x-1.png (760×426)


760x-1.png (760×426)


ES vs global 12.16.jpg (890×501)


EM vs China GDP.jpg (890×501)


Sven Henrich on Twitter: “Investors take note: Wall Street explained Upgrades near the top. Downgrades 25% lower. $AAPL… “



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