Will African swine fever cause BACON APOCALYPSE (aka 1000$ bacon?)

Will African swine fever cause BACON APOCALYPSE (aka 1000$ bacon?) due to pigs being nearly wiped out ?

Although I am loyal to pork products, I would switch to turkey bacon if pork ended up costing 1000$ per slice of bacon.


Price of bacon and pork set to soar due to killer virus in China


The price of pork and bacon is set to soar due to an outbreak of African swine fever in China, a British company has warned.

Procurement firm Beacon said it is likely prices will go on rising with European suppliers facing an increase in demand.

A deadly viral disease began affecting hogs on farms in East Asia last year after it was first detected in China in August.

York-based Beacon said its supplier, Bidfood, has found that throughout 2019, German and Dutch bacon suppliers have seen a huge increase in orders from China.

Bacon prices began rising between February and April with an 18% increase and the market price of pork has risen by 38% in the last four weeks.

Another supplier, Brakes, suggested that 30-50% of Chinese pig farms have been affected by the outbreak, triggering an increase in pig prices across the globe.

Ben Charles, of Beacon, said: “Brexit has been a driving force behind the price of pork throughout the first quarter of 2019, but the outbreak of African swine fever has mounted pressure on the market.


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