Will Anthony Fauci Officially Replace Jesus as Key Christmas Figure in the New-Age Covid Cult?

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By Chris Black

It is amazing how religious this whole situation is becoming.

Theology: Dualistic “good god” of Science vs. the demiurge or “evil god” of COVID.  The demiurge is the master of the created world which is viewed as sinful and corrupt, hence why Covidian believers should assume all other people, especially nonbelievers, are asymptomatic carriers (or polluted with the sin and corruption of the world).

Prophets: Fauci, Gates, Tedros and others’ prophetic writings establish the faith in the Great Reset, a period of tribulation before Science defeats COVID and establishes the heavenly New Normal.

Sacraments: Vaccination cleanses the believer of the evil god’s influence, making them Perfect and will be required to participate in the heavenly kingdom of the New Normal.  Hand sanitizer cleanses the believer from sin to a lesser degree during routine contact with the world.  A stronger penance in the form of quarantine is used for more serious sins of interaction with the world.

Rituals/Liturgy: Mask wearing, social distancing.  These religious articles are also used for superstitious practices such as avoiding the COVID god’s “evil eye” through brief contact between individuals outdoors or are used when alone and further serve to distinguish the members of the faith from outsiders.  Individuals who question the dogmatic science must be punished as heretics and this oppression extended to nonbelievers in an even more severe to force them to convert.  Particularly zealous Covidians completely isolate themselves from nonbelievers.

Prayers: “Slow the spread”, “flatten the curve”, “we’re all in this together”, “not all heroes wear capes”, “stay home”, “mask up”.  These mantras are repeated in the face of contradictory evidence to strengthen the faith of the believer in the basic truths of Covidianism and to silence dissent.

Castes: The Covidian faith segregates the population into an upper caste of “essential workers” and a lower caste of “non-essential workers”.  Those deemed worth of “essential” status are given additional privileges.

Dogma: Science is settled and infallible and the proclamations of the faith must be obeyed without question.  Prophets and high priests such as Fauci, Gates, Cuomo et. al and members of the MSM are able to infallibly proclaim dogma and these tenets must be believed infallibly even when contradictory.

All it took was COVID to establish the first state religion in US history.

Really, it doesn’t seem all that different from the 3rd-4th centuries AD or even 13th century when Gnostic beliefs flourished in the face of the breakdown of the existing religious and social order of the West and people were looking for something to replace it.  And Covidianism is pure Gnostic theology.

We’ve just got a new version for a new era.  The secularized, post-Christian world simply doesn’t fill the void so to speak.

Merry Christmas everybody.




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