Will Make Watergate Look Like Kindergarten

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Here is the segment including Sara Carter and Jay Sekulow from Hannity last night:
“accidentally on purpose”
“Cold Civil War” – Will make Watergate pale in comparison
Article from March 9th:
Obama’s ‘Watergate’: Ex-prez caught in ‘biggest scandal in U.S. history’?

Thanks to the media’s investigation into the Trump campaign, speculation is growing that it is the Obama administration that could end up investigated for accusations one of its targets called “worse than Watergate.”
Democrats are suddenly worried their “Russia hacked the election” narrative may boomerang into a catastrophe of their own making.
Perhaps the first sign came Saturday when, as WND reported, former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau responded cautiously to Obama’s denial that his administration had spied on the Trump campaign and wiretapped him.
Favreau warned fellow Democrats in his own tweet: “I’d be careful about reporting that Obama said there was no wiretapping. Statement just said that neither he nor the WH (White House) ordered it.”
Then these developments occurred in rapid succession:
1) Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday there was “no evidence” at all of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.
2) Leftist reporter and severe Trump critic Matt Taibbi warned in Rolling Stone on Wednesday of “big dangers for the press” and a “dangerous gamble” by the Democratic Party for pursuing a story that Clapper said was supported by no evidence.
3) Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh observed Thursday that Trump’s tweet had forced Democrats to deny his campaign was under intense investigation by intelligence agencies during the Obama administration.
4) Finally, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wrote in National Review Thursday that now that the big scandal is no longer possible Trump-campaign collusion with Russia, “It is that the Obama Justice Department may have used its legal authorities to investigate the Democrats’ top political adversary.”
And that would, indeed, be a Watergate-level scandal.

Nunes speaks of 4 issues:
1. Missed the first one.
2. Will ask Comey and Rogers to appear in closed session. Will postpone the open session.
3. NSA has kept them completely informed and are cooperating. It is possible that some documents will be received today but possibly not all documents. Will likely not have information to provide to meda today.
4. Paul Manafort contacted the committee yesterday and offered to talk to the committee.
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5 thoughts on “Will Make Watergate Look Like Kindergarten

  1. So many threads. Pull any one and everything unravels. Pull the rope of the Kennedy assassination and the entire government and upper class goes to jail as accessories after the fact. More being made every day as the 54 year old coverup rolls on.

  2. Hannity is a jerkoff. He won’t keep his pie hole shut and let guests present their ideas. He is so incredibly needy! Plus, he did that phony CGI interview with the late Julian Assange.

    • + Joe Blow Yeah, plus he was one of the main cheerleaders for Bush and Cheney during the 911 false flag cover-up and during their waging the totally bogus wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. I haven’t forgotten about that even though now he pretends to be a great patriot by running his mouth in support of Trump. Personally, I think his having been a cheerleader for Bush and Cheney makes him every bit as much a traitor as they are and should be executed alongside them. It would certainly rescue millions of Fox News addicts from having to listen to an enormous amount of bullshit. :O)

  3. I wouldn’t believe any of this except that Obama has shown a personal disdain for Trump and has the unique distinction of undermining his successor internationally during an election. Once everything becomes revealed, Obama is going to take the Democratic party down with him. What is he really trying to achieve here? If Obama really believes that the people of this country are going to trade the US constitution for him, he’s seriously deluded.

  4. So what will be done about it? Nothing, the same as what will be done about Comey, Hillary, Pizzagate, etc., and the same as what has been done about Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and dozens more. Evidently all they’re going to do is talk about it.

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