Parents Of America, You Need To Accept The Truth NOW And Protect Your Children Accordingly.

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by Pamela Williams
I am going to start this report by expressing to parents of America, how truly blessed you are to have a child.  I lost a child, so I have a deep understanding of what a blessing he was to me.  The pain of my loss has left me with a wound that will never heal.  Events happen so fast, they sometimes leave us in a state of shock for years.  The revelation we may have to face after that shock has worn off is we could have been a better parent by better protecting our offspring.
There is a faction of our American society who value their politics more than they value the children here in America.  In fact, this political faction called Liberal Progressives are so fanatical in their vision for America, they are willing to sacrifice the safety of our children,  and put the rights of illegal immigrants over the rights of American citizens.
In the case we will be speaking about, they have softened a criminal act by two illegals; thus, leaving a fourteen year old child to mourn the loss of her life.  For I doubt her life will ever repair itself, especially without the support of the adults around her.  What this child has survived, if one can believe she has survived, has sucked the life from her leaving her exposed in an ongoing victimization climate.
This young female is a fourteen year old girl in the 9th grade.  She had two illegal immigrant classmates, who were 17 and 18 year young men.  The girl and two men shared the same classroom.  The young girl was forced into the boys bathroom by these two men, raped repeatedly, and finally escaped their clutches.  But they still have her stolen innocence in their hands, and they still have power over her unless she is shown they will not get away with what they did to  her.  
The sanctuary school is protecting the two young men, who cannot speak English by the way, while putting the girl’s welfare secondary to her rapists.  How can all this be happening in America?  When President Barack Obama took office, he said he was going to “change” our Country, but he did not say how.  Obama was a bottom feeder from a place most of us do not have a clue about.  Liberal Progressives were birthed by Obama, and they will always follow the “bottom feeder” dream for America.  Americans must take their places at the bottom of the feeder while all of Obama’s illegals go to the top of the feeder.
Obama hates America, as he grew up as a “bottom feeder”, and his whole aspiration in life was to get to the top of the feeder in America while pushing  actual Americans to the bottom.  Obama attracted  other crazed misfits to his side, and they are called Liberal Progressives.  In their eyes, America should dissolve its borders, open its doors to all illegals placing them first before you, me, and our children.  Adults can either make a choice to go along with Obama or stand and fight for their Country.  But our children will just fall by the wayside, if they are treated like this young girl was.
President Trump has replaced the Liberal Progressive Obama as President of the United States, and he is honestly trying to stop the unloading of illegals on America.  However, the Liberal Progressives are fighting him tooth and nail.  Oh, by the way, I think these Progressives are hateful creatures, who do not deserve to be called Americans.
Lets go back to the young girl who was assaulted by two illegal men.  Remember she was 14, they were 17 and 18, and they were sharing the same schoolroom!  Why were two men old enough to join the military in the 9th grade? Because they were assigned freshman status by the “welcoming” schools, no questions asked.  At least one of the men, 18-year-old Henry Sanchez, is in the country illegally. As for the other, 17-year-old Jose Montano, officials won’t comment on his status because he’s underage.
When Donald Trump won the election, Montgomery County students staged a walkout protest against the incoming president. The Washington Post reported students were chanting, “No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here.” Where do you suppose they got the ideas behind that?  Of course, from the Liberal Progressives!
In February, the Montgomery County Council sought to reassure residents – liberals and illegals alike – they would protect those here illegally, particularly when it came to the schools. “We cannot allow people to be so fearful that they keep their children away from school because they’re afraid their children will be taken,” Council President Roger Berliner said. He also said, “Bad things happen.”
“Bad things happen.”  Is he like saying, get used to it and get over it?  What does he mean by “bad things happen”?  Was he trying to prepare the citizens for more crime and basically warning them this is the new America .  Wow.
As far as the illegals go, it should be  noted that a border patrol agent interacted with Sanchez in August 2016 in Rio Valley Grande, Texas, and the agent determined Sanchez unlawfully entered the U.S. from Mexico. Sanchez was issued a notice to appear before an immigration judge for a hearing that has not yet been scheduled.  Further an immigration judge never issued Sanchez a deportation order.
When news broke about the arrest of the two young men, county residents and others have been expressing and posting their opinions online, often using heated rhetoric.  “It’s horrific,” Bethesda resident Gail Weiss said in a phone interview Monday about the alleged crime. “In my view this is exactly what sanctuary policies do. It is not just the quote unquote good illegals that come and take advantage of safe harbor policies—you get the worst of the worst.”
With  Trump’s newest immigration ban, it seems progressives would actually prefer that we’re weak and at risk instead of great and safe. Frankly, I always thought America’s greatness was the very reason why everyone was trying so hard to come here to begin with. I always thought our greatness laid in our strength and resolve. 
But now, especially if you’re a Democrat, all things Trump are bad. Even great and safe. I’m pretty sure if it were left to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, the slogan “Make America Great Again” would be reclassified as hate speech if spoken in public or graffitied on a wall somewhere.
So earlier this week, in keeping with his campaign pledge to keep the country safe, the president’s latest iteration of his immigration ban hit the airwaves. And as fast as you can say “Obama in 2020”, two more politically motivated federal judges blocked it. Apparently, they felt the ban focused unfairly on Muslims simply because they were Muslims. But that’s wrong. Trump’s ban is not focused on all Muslims. Just those who use their religion as a rationale for terror and killing. And its goal is to stop them from ever entering the country. Fine with me.
I pray the young girl in Maryland has the support of angels around her.  She is going to need blessings  which include patience, empathy, and hopefully the gift of time will help her to repair the damage that could have been prevented.   President Trump is trying to save this Country from being raped time and time again by those illegals, who do not wish to “assimilate but only to overtake.”

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17 thoughts on “Parents Of America, You Need To Accept The Truth NOW And Protect Your Children Accordingly.

  1. To the author … well said.
    The school. That is where she was raped? The school is that out of control that these two would use this location. It’s mind boggling to think that this happens when in a school. Where were other students? Teachers? Other authority figures?

    • It is hard to believe that this could happen without anyone hearing, coming into the bathroom, or someone missing her from class. It is disturbing to say the least. I don’t know how she will ever be able to go back there.

        • This is beyond understanding. There is no excuse, and now to make the state a sanctuary state adds salt to the wound. I know some of you will not understand where I am coming from here, but my mind, due to what I believe we are facing, goes back to Satanism. The involved lawmakers cannot be understood on any terms in my mind except that they are Satanists. To put two men who do not speak English, not vetted, in the same school room with 14 year old girls or boys for that matter is insinuating the welfare of those American children is worth risking in order to bring the predators into their secure space. There is no way you can identify those two men in any other way except by referring to them as “predators.” But what does that make those who created the law to do this? They must be without the morals which should be instilled in those who have this type of power. We are living in a hell with Satanists at the helm.

      • Powerful article Cassara, my sadness for your loss.
        Besides all the obvious bad stuff the horrific thing is everyone in school and prolly the town knows who she is. ??

        • I know. She has a lot to get through, and I pray she is innately strong and has a strong support system.
          Thank you, Joe.

  2. Liberal Progressives saved America during the Great Depression and then went on to crush Fascism in WW2, what have reactionaries done? Whittle away the social safety net, deregulate banking to lead to the worst economic collapse since 1929. Sadly, Wall Street shills like Nancy Pelosi, Bill and Hillary and Chuck Schumer have sold out Americans as idiotically as Donald Trump has betrayed them. Neoliberal policies have made bearing and raising children exceedingly difficult over the past 30 years and America is facing a demographic crisis. But I guess it’s cheaper to import new workers from rundown third world countries instead of breed a new generation of workers from the folks living in the US. But keep giving those tax breaks to billionaires and keep blaming our economic straits on working people! Pamela Williams and the plutocrats she defends can go to the crows!

    • “Liberal Progressives saved America during the Great Depression”
      Nope, they caused the depression. Self described “progressive” president, woodrow wilson, enacted the federal reserve bank. The dollar has lost over 90% of it’s purchasing power since then. He also wanted to “make the world safe for democracy” and brought Americans into WWI.
      Still with me or do you need a safe space?
      “then went on to crush Fascism in WW2”
      Hitler was a national socialist, Mussolini was a socialist(he was the editor of Avanti) before he made up fascism, and then changed it to corporatism. Soviet communists were first to arrive in Berlin and sustained the heaviest losses. See Oliver Stone’s “history of the US” if you want a Liberal to tell you.
      “the social safety net,”
      Still using that tired cliche, there’s no such thing. The Fed attacks savings and promotes inflation, which is a silent tax, no sense saving money if the progressive federal reserve keeps devaluing it.
      The only “safety net” is the one Ralph Nader describes as “corporate socialism/welfare”. The privatization of profit, and the socialization of risk and misconduct.
      “deregulate banking to lead to the worst economic collapse since 1929”
      President Trump promoted returning the Glass Steagall Act throughout his campaign, the career politicians in both parties are trying to stop him.
      “Wall Street shills like Nancy Pelosi, Bill and Hillary and Chuck Schumer have sold out Americans as idiotically as Donald Trump has betrayed them.”
      You compare DECADES-long, corrupt, bottom feeding career politicians, to a man in office for less then 90 days, whose done more then all of them will do in their entire lifetimes combined. Let that sink in.
      “Neoliberal policies have made bearing and raising children exceedingly difficult over the past 30 years and America is facing a demographic crisis.”
      Lmao, the federal reserve has eroded the purchasing power of the dollar, because “progressives”(marxists) argued it would help “regulate” the economy in 1913 after the first “great depression”. A neoliberal, is just a neoconservative who hasn’t “pressed charges”(Irving Kristol). Your sophistic arguments need work.
      “But I guess it’s cheaper to import new workers from rundown third world countries instead of breed a new generation of workers from the folks living in the US.”
      You guess? lmao. It’s not cheaper, they come for the social safety net you cherish and pay for, expatriate those dollars back to those 3rd world countries, and blame Americans for not allowing rapid influx of millions more people who hate Americans, America, and do not value the Liberty it was founded on, unless it’s for themselves.
      Breed workers? Like breeding slaves? Thats just pathetic. It’s not the government’s job to “breed” or train people into “workers”. You sound like a soviet aparatchik from the 1930s. Stalin wanted to “breed” the “new socialist man”…so he began with engineers, and when they couldn’t “engineer” or “breed” the right “socialist man”, he had them imprisoned or executed in the infamous show trials.
      BBC: Pandora’s Box EP1: The Engineers’ plot
      “keep giving those tax breaks to billionaires and keep blaming our economic straits on working people”
      Working people? 18yr old gang bangers from salvador milking the social safety net as freshmen in high school, while you cheer them on, are not working people Doug. You sound like an ideological totalist suffering from thought terminating cliches.
      “Pamela Williams and the plutocrats she defends can go to the crows!”
      So you justify the rape of a 14yr old girl because of plutocrats? Sicko.
      President Trump Announces Charter Communications Investment – $25 Billion and 20,000 Jobs…
      Doug, your using loaded language, which makes you sound like a “progressive” ideological totalist. Were you indoctrinated in the US or the marxist 3rd world?
      Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism

  3. Of course. They’re after NWO cattle. Why “convert” them when you can import them? In fact, when you import the dodgier ones they kill the stubborn cattle. It’s a perfect deal for them. No body wants disobedient cattle.

  4. This town will turn into another democrat ghetto and progressives will cheer them on with the same tired ambiguous script they’ve repeated for decades.
    “down with the richy faulks, da bill-yon classes, dem pluto-cratz, da ollie-garchs…yeaaaah maaaan, like, what he said, pass da bong bruh”
    Following Horrific School Rape Maryland Democrats Move To Make “Sanctuary State”…

  5. The only label you can put on these perpetrators and their supporters is evil. When are the sane people going to wake up…

  6. Have you noticed the Sociopathic lack of human empathy, sympathy, or concern for the victims of these invaders. Not only are there no MSM “human interest” stories about the individual’s traumas, their stories are DENIED by MSM, Politicians, and the very Priests that are supposed to comfort and care for “Their Flocks”. Scumbag “priests” betraying their own People, there will be a special place in Hell for them.
    (1) Charity and “good works” are done with YOUR money and time. Taking MY money and giving it to someone else is THEFT. We bring puppies into our house, poisonous vipers and skunks are banned. Do not make the REFUJIHADIS walk all the way here ,,,, You go to the REFUJIHADIS’ homeland on Your dime after all, they will feel more comfortable at home.
    (2) Remember, Democrats are the people who didn’t care when 70,000 factories closed across America, but then rioted in the streets when we denied entry to foreigners from a few terrorist-laden countries.
    (3) You are all concerned about them but you do not give a FIG about how your own neighbors feel. Who made you god, to just invite anybody & everybody into Our house, without asking the OTHER RESIDENTS if it is okay? Go see a psychiatrist.

  7. “THE TALK” that WHITE Parents have to have with THEIR children about the thieving, raping, THUGS that claim to be oppressed as they live off the TAXES taken from the WHITE Parents. How Negroes get “special treatment” through Affirmative Action, never being prosecuted for Black Racist Hate Crimes. How Whites are supposed to walk on eggs around the poor-oppressed Black.
    …….. THAT is “the TALK” that should be TALKED about on all the bimbo “TALK” shows..

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