How Technology Drives the Mattress Industry, and Why Now May be the Time to Invest

With the increase in technological reach, it isn’t a surprise to see what you used to only be able to buy in a showroom to be increasingly offered online- often cutting out the middleman, and all those pesky extra costs. Online sales are at an alltime high as can be seen with the closing of many traditional department stores and a surge towards online marketing techniques. Therefore it isn’t anything confusing about seeing an influx of mattress startups and product development. Afterall, any new company or product can venerate venture capital, especially when supported by a continual stream of technological advertising that increasingly travels with you anywhere you go.
The online mattress industry growth is supported through the many advances that make selling their product an easy, and stress-free process. Although many mattress showrooms still exist, buying a mattress online has never been easier, and many startup companies are taking advantage of this- and so are their consumers. Tech-enabled businesses are able to provide for the consumer details not available in the store front. Not only is the traditional brick and mortar business plan completely taken out of the equation, so are the costs associated with it.
Drive Down Costs
Gone are the days of buying the brand name and knowing a percentage of product cost is going directly to distributors and commission. Online sales drive down cost by taking out the middleman, and then often go one step further in their product guarantee to help make a large online investment appealing to the consumer who is hesitant to buy into anything they cannot lay upon before making a commitment. No hassle, fully refunded sleep trials are becoming more and more popular – and many companies are taking it one step further and aren’t even making you responsible for the costs associated with returns.
A few companies guarantee you’ll love their product so much, they don’t even both to pick up the unwanted item, but provide you with the contact information of local charities and ask that you please donate after you’ve received your refund. This type of stand by the product confidence gives the buyer peace of mind concerning their purchase and takes away the anxiety surrounding large online purchases.
Customer Service
Customer service has become more of a priority as well. It’s hard to imagine you may get a better experience with a salesperson online than in person, but online surveys that focus on your sleeping preferences, body height and weight, as well as any issues surrounding joint pain or medical issues help focus your shopping experience towards what you need, rather than what is currently available in the showroom warehouse.  
It’s also much easier to take the time to read up on customer satisfaction review sites, like The Sleep Judge, surrounding the best mattresses and bedding products currently on the market.. This provides you with the information to research why certain mattresses just aren’t cutting it without the added pressure to make a choice on the same day you decide to start your search. And it makes your choices more readily available. You get to research more choices, more quickly, and from the comfort of your own home. The constraints of only being provided with specific brands during working hours are now stripped away as you can search for your perfect mattress at midnight if need be. This is incredibly convenient and appealing to the consumer living in an increasingly success driven world.
Review and Rating Competition
Healthy competition in any industry often results in both affordability and higher quality products. With the increasingly transparent online reviews provided by both consumers and paid reviewers alike, businesses are forced to provide the specifications and service shoppers expect. And it also drives the innovation of the products in question to meet market demands. With the many different products available, you can more easily take your pick related to others having similar needs whether it be mattresses, pillows, toppers, or even mattress covers.
Online reviews and rating are a definite perk being used by the mattress industry as well to better address the needs and wants of the consumer. The utilization of this tech-enabled business sense by individual mattress companies includes both quicker consumer feedback and mattress production through software advances and the possibilities of consumer customization.
Some companies are now able to also offer custom made mattresses direct from production to consumer, which of course helps cut costs while offering higher quality items- a service that is appealing to many people willing to pay more for their comfort.
Advertising is easier than ever, and companies get some serious bang for their buck through the use of heavily targeted advertising on social and business media. With technology tracking the searches of the individual and anticipating their needs and wants- ads are constantly inundating the screens we increasingly carry with us at all times- creating their exposure to marketing techniques consistent.  
The use of sleep apps and company apps have also been on the rise in recent years with an increase in health focused gadgets and tracking devices. As we have learned more about how sleep drives mental and physical health, more attention has been paid to the consumers responsibility in this.
Once a slow growing sector, with the increase in mattresses choices and sleep knowledge, the mattress industry has become innovative and dynamic- and with online sales has become globally reaching. This worldwide change in growth is both driven by new company emergence and home design trends due to the variety of mattress availability and affordability.
Online mattress companies have been making their mark recently through the growth of technological advancements that drive the industry. Online shopping experiences, personalized comfort, and an increase in easy, no-hassle deliveries and generous return policies are all perks consumers can expect when making major online investments.

This has opened the door for innovative business minds to take advantage of tech-driven business sense, and the results within a once slow industry have taken off through use of some ingenious marketing techniques.  New company startups that use this strategy are definitely worth keeping an eye on.


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