Project Veritas: Additional Voter Fraud Proof For FEC Commissioner Weintraub Filed With FEC [VID/PDF]

FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub keeps demanding proof of voter fraud from President Trump. Project Veritas Action has provided significant video evidence of voter fraud and even filed an official FEC complaint against the Clinton presidential campaign, the DNC and other parties regarding voter fraud and many other election irregularities.
To date, the FEC hasn’t acted on the initial complaint. Yesterday, PVA attorney Ben Barr filed a supplement containing additional evidence to the FEC. Afterwards, one of our journalists confronted Commissioner Weintraub at an event and questioned her about it.
Commissioner Weintraub, quit grandstanding and actually investigate the voter fraud evidence we have presented to you on a silver platter.
View the documents here:…
Supplementary Filing:
Main Complaint:

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