Will President Trump Be Able to Pass ‘Obamacare Lite?’

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
The fate of the American Health Care Act, also dubbed as ‘Obamacare Lite’, is looking quite grim. The bill attracted unwavering criticism, even from conservatives. Thomas Massie slammed the AHCA, stating that it will engender the rise of prices and compel healthy Americans to desert the insurance market. Senator Rand Paul recently predicted that Speaker Ryan will be forced to withdraw the current healthcare bill and present a better alternative. The current bill is unfavorable to many conservatives because it retains a plethora of Obamacare’s main elements. In order to truly repeal Obamacare, Republicans must draft a new alternative to the American Health Care Act. The bill is already predicted to not pass legislation on Thursday.
Senator Paul disclosed to Breitbart News that at least 35 House Republicans are prepared to vote against the current healthcare bill. Paul also noted that a GOP bill with heightened insurance and premium rates will hurt the President and other people in the Republican Party. The Senator’s logic is sound; in order to pass the American Health Care Act, the logistics cannot parallel failed structures of Obamacare. Redrafting the American Health Care Act and fixing the ‘Obamacare Lite’ aspects would be wiser than attempting to pass an unpopular and inefficient bill.

Another massive flaw with the AHCA was born when Republican leaders made the foolish decision to terminate an Obamacare provision that would halt illegal immigrants from receiving health care tax credits. Conservatives across the nation are furious. House Freedom Caucus spokeswoman spoke with Breitbart on Tuesday and reported the American Health Care Act’s inability to prevent illegals from using identity fraud to obtain healthcare coverage. Conservative author Daniel Horowitz labeled the bill as “a gift to illegal aliens” and noted its neutralization towards enforcing basic principles of immigration. In other words, the American Health Care Act is a nightmare. Everyone will suffer if Republicans do not immediately revise the bill.
The passing of the current American Health Care Act is highly unlikely, given its vast unpopularity. If this bill does not pass, President Trump will struggle with passing other reforms such as tax cuts and stimulus plans. This critical matter demands swift action. The President and other Republican leaders will greatly benefit from making precise revisions to the AHCA.

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