Will Worsening Shortage Trigger Next Economic Crisis?

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Inflation, Food Shortage, and Gas Crisis: Will it Get Worse?

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Brace yourself because it doesn’t look like life is going to go back to normal anytime soon. Inflation is showing signs of increasing, we are seeing some food shortages, and now we are running out of gas in certain areas. When it comes to being a prepper, it is important to know what is going on around you so you can better prepare yourself for what’s coming. Today, we are going to talk about inflation and shortages that we see coming our way, and how you can start preparing today!

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Economic Data is Weakening on Four Fronts

Add Existing Home Sales to the List of Missed Expectations

Fed Officials, New Data, Start Lowering Expectations for U.S. Jobs in May

Federal Reserve officials and new Dallas Fed data have begun lowering expectations for May jobs growth in the United States as business hiring plans continue to outrun the supply of people able or willing to work.

America Hit by Chicken Wing Shortage

Shortages of basic goods are causing many stores to increase their prices. FOX Business’ Edward Lawrence with more. Soaring demand for chicken has resulted in wing shortages across America, according to the country’s third-largest poultry producer. The Laurel, Mississippi-based Sanderson Farms Inc. said it does not have enough supply …

Supply chain interrupted: Here’s everything you can’t get now

10 Supply Shortages That May Happen Again This Year


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