William Barr is literally the personification of the Deep State, interesting that’s overlooked when was handpicked to be the nation’s top lawyer

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by thered00

  1. He was born into an elite family in New York City.
  2. He attended literally some of the most exclusive and expensive private schools in the world growing up. His parents were professors at an Ivy League school.
  3. He attended an Ivy league school then went to law school in DC before the end of the 1960s.
  4. He worked for the CIA before he even finished law school and spent nearly a decade there in total. He was there in their most lawless times (before reporting very slightly tapered them).
  5. His “private” sector life were at the most expensive law firms that have defended corrupt government officials and shielded the rich from any repurcussions. His firms have literally defended Epstein and other pedos along with actually evil and brutal dictators and war criminals. His other private sector life was being a paid lobbyist working in Telecom to deregulate. You know how a few own a lot of what we consume and limit what we say….yup Billy Barr was paid millions to get this accomplished.
  6. He was an Iran Contra scandal fixer. From day 1 in the govt he has been a partisan hack designed to work backwards to justify whatever unconstitutional or morally bankrupt position a bureaucrat was trying to justify.
  7. He continues to be buddies with the private prison and weapons industry. At every stage he has argued for more prisoners, more military involvement abroad and more militarized police forces domestically. Both in private practice and in the govt he has vociferously advocated for these things. Sure sounds like a guy who is in bed with some of the most vile public-private connections that plague the country.

So to review this guy was born into wealth and privilege, has been running shoulders in DC and NYC for 50 years bouncing in and out of the govt to private sector interests looking to strip us down for profit. He spent time in the CIA and has was a fixer to one of the biggest scandals in American history 30 years ago.

How is this guy not deep state? Oh that’s right because he supports one specific person so it’s all forgotten and he’s seen as honest and competent.


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