Windows 10 is last Windows OS and new versions will be feature updates.

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by SlideCC


That’s it, Microsoft successfully forced the majority of people into Windows 10. People were warned not to upgrade to it but as always they never listen.

Now they got as predicted a buggy, unstable OS that ontop forcefully updates itself.

Windows 10 from the start got forced auto-updates, which means Microsoft at any time cans push a rogue update and billions of computers will get it in no time.

Windows 10 with its forced auto-update system means that Microsoft will no longer have to make new OS versions to entice people to upgrade.

Previously people could simply disable auto-updates altogether so Microsoft better had to make a new OS and have it be good if they wanted people to use the latest backdoored OS.

That’s no longer the case, now Microsoft rules over you.

The Windows 10 OS will forcefully update itself with every possible trick in the book if you give it Internet.

‘But we can block them with [unofficial tool] !’ you will say, sure. Now try telling the 99% of people to do the same, they will say that they don’t care.

That’s if you’re lucky even, when they don’t outright call you paranoid and question your mental health because you don’t want to use the latest fully-updated current-year OS.

Microsoft did not care much about making great OS’ and improving graphics, adding features like the were forced to do to get people to upgrade to Windows 7 & 8.

Microsoft had to make these OS versions or people would simply keep using the old backdoors (and possibly get them fixed by third-parties in the future).

Now they can push new backdoors at anytime to billions of computers in the world. No need to make new OS versions, Windows 10 is the last Microsoft OS.




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