Windows 7 AMD users: DO NOT INSTALL KB4056894

This will BSOD your AMD machine.
BEWARE! This “update” can fuck your system, as it has mine.
My user account with admin rights now acts like a standard user account. I cannot login as Administrator in any way. I cannot access many directories (e.g. Documents and Settings). I cannot run CMD as Administrator. I cannot run regedit. I cannot run Setup from the DVD. When I boot to Safe Mode, there is no keyboard nor mouse response.
I had no idea this morning that I would need to wipe my HD and start all over again. Thanks, microjerk, for this wonderful kick to the nutsack.
Does anybody have any suggestions on how to deal with or, even better, remove this POS update? All the standard ways of removal either do not work, or are inaccessible.
remove the update package using DISM. On startup, press F8 and select Repair Your Computer. From there, open a command prompt window. Check that the Windows drive is mapped by running
dir d:
Run the command
dism /image:d:\ /remove-package /packagename:Package_for_RollupFix~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~76?01.24002.1.4 /norestart
The Microsoft fix for Intel chips (which doesn’t actually fix the problem) has killed off many AMD chips in Windows 10 too.
Think someone wants to kick start the economy by forcing everyone to buy new computers and bankrupt other countries that cannot afford to do so. Will cost companies and governments etc. countless billions.
h/t Cartel