WINNING: Republicans Have “LEGITIMAT SHOT” At Majority — 53 “COMPETITIVE” Seats; We Only Need To Win 19

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GOP Rep. Palmer: Republicans Have ‘Legitimate Shot’ at Majority — Says 53 Democrat Seats Are ‘Competitive’

Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL), the chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, argued that Republicans regaining control of the House of Representatives was not as far-fetched as some political watchers in the media say it is.

According to Palmer, there are more than three times as many Democrat seats that are competitive as Republican seats in the House.

I think we can regain the House, and I think the President is convinced of that, as well,” he said. “We only need to win 19 seats to regain the majority. And there are 53 Democrat seats we think are competitive. There’s 16 of ours that will be competitive. I think we’ve got a legitimate shot at picking up the majority. That’s what I’m working on every day to make sure that we do.”



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