With Midterms Around the Corner, Michelle Obama Tells Voters to Stay Stupid and Vote Democrat (VIDEO)

by Chris Black


This is not a joke unfortunately, as former first lady Michelle O. just told DEM voters to stay stupid. Well, she did not do it so bluntly, but if you watch the video below, you’ll see how, according to Michelle, you don’t need to be well read/informed on political issues as a US citizen (careful Michelle on that “you need to be a citizen to vote” talk, you’re going off-script) , in order to participate in the political process (that would be elections for millennials), which is basically a fixed horse race. As in, you don’t need to actually read “every article”, especially if it’s an article like this one.  Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure and amusement:



Basically, Michelle Obama tells people who are naive enough to still vote for the left to keep staying ill informed and intellectually incurious. Everything a DEM voter needs to know is the garbage spewed by corporate left-wing media outlets, also known as fake-news, and trust the so-called news which is carefully manipulated by the talking heads on TV, who are the lapdogs of the professional political class (term limits, anyone?). Which by the way, is not elected, but selected. In case you did not know, Michelle Obama is the co-chairman (pun intended) of “When We All Vote”, i.e. a community organizer, just like her husband.


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Michelle Obama is making a good point when saying that every vote counts, but she is wrong when she says that we had a great president in the White House, and people thought they were done voting.   As leftists and/or Obama-aficionados like to put it, we had a good man (whatever that means) in the White House, that was a disappointment (more like a catastrophe) as President.  And, due to a Democratic President who was such a disappointment, ‘ we the people’ did vote and went a whole different direction, thus placing a Republican in the White House.


Here’s more from the speech: “I’ve been voting since I was 18 years old — and, trust me, I didn’t know nothing about nothing at 18 years old ….. that qualifies you to vote.” dixit Michelle O. in her infinite wisdom. Besides, everyone knows utopia is created by people who don’t know jack about anything. She’s basically calling DEM voters stupid, but that’s fine with me.


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However, saying such things from a position of authority is wrong and irresponsible. The Greek philosopher Socrates talked about this 2000 years ago; that’s why democracies always fail and end-up into tyrannies.  They are called libtards for a reason. By the way, that is exactly why Barack Obama won 2 terms as President of the United States. People don’t have to know anything about anything, not “nothing about nothing”, like the former first lady said. I wonder where she went to school.


As we learned (the hard way) from Barry O’s presidency, being POTUS does not require any special expertise, as her husband proved beyond reasonable doubt to anyone paying attention.  Let me end this piece with a question for my progressive readers, if I have one: why is Michelle O. culturally appropriating Caucasian hair?


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