Witness To YouTube Shooting – I Wish I Had A Gun On Me – UPDATE ON SHOOTING – SHOOTER IDENTIFIED.

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by Ruby Henley

Please scroll down for the update on the shooting.  While I was finishing this first report, the shooter was identified.  That will be in PART 2.


A witness to the shooting at YouTube’s headquarters in California was interviewed by Fox KTVU.  He made a surprising statement to the reporter, or at least it would be surprising to Democrats.  He said, he wished he had had a gun on him.

That is why the Second Amendment exists – to prevent victimization of each human being, who through his or her own law-abiding actions has earned the right to bear arms.  

The man said he heard the shots, while helping give aid to a victim.  He later witnessed a victim, who was shot multiple times laying on the floor.  Of course, any human being in a similar situation would want the ability to defend his or herself from an attacker.  

In the interview the reporter asked the witness, “what was going through your mind during while seeing the blood?”  He responded, “I didn’t have a gun on me, but wish I did.”

The shooter injured three others at YouTube’s headquarters before – as reports say, dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


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The below is a second interview with the same witness, and I would ask you to watch this one. I am having a difficult time understanding what this witness is saying. He did say he got some footage on his phone, but he had not seen the actual shooter. However, he said that one victim had been shot 10 times. Also, he stated it happened during a YouTube party. It sounds like the man is saying “he,” but then he said he did not see the shooter.

I am watching a video from AMTV, and they are saying it was reported there had been multiple shooters.
They are also saying the story has been changed multiple times – already changed – from multiple shooters – from male to female.
Also, mentioned this is the first time the gender has been a woman – it is unusual.

Stay tuned.


The shooter has been identified.  She had a YouTube channel; however, her channel had been criticized.  

It was first reported she an employee, who was attending the YouTube party with her boyfriend and two other women.

However, now it is being reported she was not an employee.  The following has been taken from:


“She has been identified as by multiple news outlets Tuesday evening as Nasim Aghdam, a Middle Eastern woman with a grudge against the company.

NBC News said she was a 39-year-old woman whose last known address was in San Diego and whose middle name is Najafi.

ABC News reported similarly, citing “two law-enforcement officials.”


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JUST IN: Two law enforcement sources say authorities have preliminarily identified the YouTube shooter as Nasim Aghdam, a woman with previous addresses in the Southern California cities of Riverside and San Diego. t.co/vmWDgKsXJc

— ABC News (@ABC) April 4, 2018

While she was not a YouTube employee, NBC Bay Area reported that she had a YouTube channel and would frequently use it to post rants against the company.

According to NBC, she accused YouTube in January 2017 in a video of having “discriminated and filtered” her content.




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