Woke TV Show Envisions “A World WITHOUT MEN”? – Will & Amala

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0:00 – How to Change a Tire Without Men?
2:25 – A World Without Men Movie Trailer
10:22 – Women’s Basketball is Better Than Alexander the Great?
20:28 – It’s a Woke World After All
30:56 – New 5-Minute Video
36:34 – Obama’s Birthday Party: Unvaxxed and Unmasked
41:50 – Italians Burn their Vax ID’s in Protest for the Mandates
44:43 – Chicago Police Officer, 29, Killed

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Will and Amala are back this wonderful Monday discussing Obama’s MASKLESS birthday bash, the heartbreaking death of a Chicago police officer, Nike’s latest woke ad, and more!

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