Woman finds AMAZON has thousands of recordings of her from home devices

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A woman was shocked to discover how much information Amazon had collected on her from just a few devices – and created a video to shared the shocking truth with others.

TikTok star @my.data.not.yours uploaded a clip for her fans documenting all the information that the tech giant had collected about her.

She said she put in a request but didn’t expect them to have too much, but was ‘not totally comfortable’ with what she discovered.

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It turned out that Amazon had her location, all her phone contacts, and thousands and thousands of recordings of her voice – collected from products that she gladly bought and placed in her home.

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In the video, she said: “I requested all the data that Amazon has on me, and here’s what I found.

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“For reference, I have two dots and one echo, plus a few smart bulbs.”

She then opens a zip filed that had previously been downloaded and it contains many folders, which are titled ‘Alerts’, ‘Answers’, ‘Audio and Transition’, ‘Lists’, ‘Routines’, ‘Shopping’, ‘Skills’, and ‘Video’, amongst others.



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