Woman holds suspected arsonist at gunpoint until cops arrived

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  • Kat Cast held an alleged arsonist at gunpoint on her property until police arrived
  • She claimed the had man told her that he was going to start a fire on her property
  • That’s when she grabbed her handgun, held him at gunpoint and questioned him about whether he started fires on her property 
  • The man claimed that he was just ‘passing through’ and didn’t start any fires 
  • Police arrived a short time later and was seen arresting the unidentified man 

An Oregon woman held an alleged arsonist at gunpoint until police arrived at the scene after the man claimed he was going to start a fire on her property.

In the footage shared on Kat Cast’s Facebook page, Cast is seen driving up to the man as someone in her vehicle films the incident.

Cast gets out the vehicle holding a handgun, walks over to the man, who has not been identified, and orders him to get on the ground.

‘What are you doing on my property?’ Cast asks. ‘Did you light anything on fire?’

The man then responds that he was ‘just passing through’.

According to Cast, the man had threatened to start a fire on her property, prompting her to make sure he was arrested. Wildfires across California, Washington state and Oregon have killed at least 36 people. All three states are already suffering from hazardous air quality conditions.


ABC News: Man charged with arson in connection to Oregon wildfire


Western Wildfires Are Due to Arson and Stupidity, Not Climate Change

Unfortunately, we are living in a world where facts don’t matter much anymore. For instance, the wildfires that have swept across the western United States over the past few weeks are being almost universally blamed on climate change, even though the facts tell otherwise.

The fires in California and Oregon are not due to climate change. They are due to arson and sheer stupidity on the part of many, including those who are responsible for the environmental stewardship that is supposed to prevent them in the first place.

According to the Cal Fire San Bernardino Unit, “the El Dorado Fire, burning near Oak Glen in San Bernardino County, was caused by a smoke generating pyrotechnic device, used during a gender reveal party.” Chalk this one up to stupidity, not climate change.

Likewise, the Almeda Fire in Oregon, which has burned more than 600 homes, cannot be tied to climate change whatsoever because it was caused by arsonists. As Ashland Police Chief Tighe O’Meara said, “We have good reason to believe that there was a human element to it. We’re going to pursue it as a criminal investigation until we have reason to believe that it was otherwise.”



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