Women opposing Gender Ideology in NZ Mobbed, Attacked By Trans Activists

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For the people asking “where are all the women speaking out against transgender ideology?!?”

THIS is what happens when they try, over and over and over.

She couldn’t even speak at her own rally. Trans activists surrounded the stage, police were nowhere to be found and refused to protect (this is a theme).

“A British women’s rights campaigner was forced to cut her New Zealand tour short after being met with extreme aggression at her first stop in Auckland. Kellie-Jay Keen, also known by her moniker Posie Parker, had to be escorted out of the Albert Park area by police before her event was even able to kick off.

Keen was set to host a pro-women’s rights rally with the intention of allowing women to voice their concerns about gender ideology.”

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“Yesterday in Auckland the British women’s rights campaigner Posie Parker found herself surrounded by a deranged, heaving mob. She had tomato soup and placards thrown in her face. She was doused with water. Huge men screamed insults and expletives in her face. The shoving of the crowd became so intense that Parker feared for her life. ‘I genuinely thought that if I fell to the floor I would never get up again’, she said. ‘My children would lose their mother and my husband would lose his wife.’


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