World Economy Slowing Down, Inflation Running Hot. Bonds Are Telling Us Something Is Wrong?

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Inflation Surge Pushes Gold to Five-Month High: WSJ

Climb in the haven asset accompanies other signs that investors are starting to seek more protection from rising consumer prices and interest rates

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What’s Coming Will Be Worse Than 2008. Here’s Why…

The great inflationary tidal wave continues to worsen. If anything, all signs indicate an absolute bloodbath is coming to the markets.

On Inflation Surge, the Fed Is Running Out of Excuses: WSJ

Investors still buy the story that inflation will go away on its own, but the risks are rising that it won’t.

California Pump Prices Rise to Record Before Thanksgiving Break

Gasoline pump prices hit a record in California as the most populace U.S. state grapples with the worst of a nationwide surge in energy prices ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Central Bank: Inflation May Be Here To Crush The Gods Of Money Printing

Consider the $100 billion of money through asset purchases every month (this is after the 15 billion of “taper” that will begin this month). By the time they are done at the advertised pace, another half a trillion dollars of new money will be sloshing in the system.

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