The Market Is In The Biggest Speculative Price Bubble In Modern History | John Hussman

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Week after week on the Wealthion Channel, we discuss the lofty prices of today’s financial assets.

By most metrics, they have never been more richly-valued.

Bears fear this is another asset bubble that will destructively implode. But bulls just smile and count their money, as they continue to enjoy amazing returns in this market, in nearly every asset class one can think of.

So who’s right?

To address this, I’m thrilled to welcome my friend John Hussman to the program.

John is one of the most analytically-rigorous fund managers out there. He is widely respected on Wall Street — not just for correctly calling the busts of both the 2001 Dot-com and 2008 housing bubbles AND positioning his clients advantageously in advance — but also for his brilliant commentary & charts that he publishes regularly.

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When it comes to recognizing asset bubbles, John is THE expert.

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