World Holds Breath & Deep State Panic After Julian Assange Agrees To Trumps’ Terms

by Thinker

What will you hear along with more “TRUTH” under Donald Trump, than you’ve ever heard before? Once again the state of Pennysylvania comes up and corruption among state, and we already know about the 300 pedophiles that were outed in the Catholic church. From above and so below the state of Pennsylvaina has lots to show. Why was the CIA base in Syria bombed??? Why did president John F. Kennedy sign and executive order to eliminate the CIA, and vice president Johnson redact it???

History continues to show the people who is foe, friend, and those that jus pretend!

What you hear that was posted in January, is now unfolding today. A journalist who can be given an award for predictions that are spot on.

Those who have shown by words, actions, or lies that they are not and will never support the sitting president Donald Trump are losing their security clearances that many have had for decades. I’m waiting for the ones who give the order to use directed energy to attack people like me who tell the truth to lose theirs. Being cattle prodded everyday sucks, but choosing nation and “TRUTH” over pain generated by men/women only following orders can be dealt with. How many men and women in organizations/military follow orders they know are not good for the nation or the people??? How many leaders have asked them to stoop below honor to do work not for a nation, but for a group of people that John F. Kennedy had hoped to rid the U.S. and the world of.

Trump has just picked up where President John F. Kennedy left off…who supports him???

You will know because it wiil show in words and actions of everyone Trump knows.

Jim Jordan REVEALS The Real Reason Why Officials Are Panicking Over Security Clearances

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If you were the president, and there were men and women around you whose actions and words clearly show they don’t like you, would you want them around??? When men and women your supposed to trust have lied to you, should they keep their security clearance???

If your out of government, then why do you have a security clearnce anyway???

Time for Trump to start pulling security clearances of peope who haven’t been in government for decades. How many will lose their passes to the underground cities and subways??? The “TRUTH” is coming and it cannot be contained! There is a whole new world awaiting the masses and thanks to Trump and the intervention of those “BEINGS” who do care, that come and go every day from a plante filled with many life forms.

Everything and many answers to many things is in the history of Pennsylvania above and below the ground. The portal in Gibsonia, Pa may be older than first reported, and the security is alomost out of control. Everyone trying to go into the woods is stopped. Cameras in rocks, alarms, and mounted in trees are warning of intruders. Change is happening and those who have kept the secret of the stargates all over the world don’t want to share. A few people who are tired of hiding and lying are informing the world of all the wonders that are on planet Earth and available to everyone.

Dimensions of Disclosure -David WilCock, Corey Goode and Emery Smith Aug 18 2018

The proof of what David Wilcock and Corey Goode speak about are on many military bases, and in the woods that can’t be fenced of Gibsonia, Pa. Waiting for the ‘TRUTH” and for the stargate and underground cities to be common knowledge. Not connected to the military or any government agency, other than being a military brat, I give thanks and praise to the universe, all the alternative journalists, Jsnip4, who have expanded my mind. Special thanks to David WilCock and Corey Goode who have helped to make major connections in the world around me. Special thanks to “ECETI” ranches and the “BEINGS” that come to communicate and show that “ALL BEINGS” can and are living side by side.

It’s time for “TRUTH” so some don’t have to hide.


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