World reserve currencies

by SSG_Phantom

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The British lasted to 1931 so the information on the image is incorrect. In total, it lasted for 116 years. The US begun around 1920 so it has lasted for 100 years. I believe this US dollar still has another 10-15 years to go after the current crisis is over. Reason being if you look at the last reserve currency which was the British, their industries from the end of world war 1 to 1931 had no growth or investment. The modern term for this is japanification. This 20s decade should be fine for the dollar but the 30s is where things will really shake up based on the past trajectories. Also looking at the movement of the rich and world economic forum also seems to point towards the fact that everything will be fine until then.( provided they keep trying to delay what’s inevitable). This chart is here to show you to think long term and not short term. People have been calling for the crash since 2000 dotcom bubble but we must look at the past and the current resilience of the system to truly understand when things will go bad. If we only look at what’s happening now and not what has happened before then we only will think short term.


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