World War 3 Just Got A Little Bit Closer

by Chris Black

If you don’t realize the goal is WW3, you don’t know these people very well.

Watch this video and share it:

Lithuania and Kaliningrad are the flashpoint for global thermonuclear war.

Russia attacked Ukraine as Ukraine was going to invade Donbas with 100k soldiers, after shelling civilians with heavy arty for 2 weeks in a row.

Now ZOG is trying to provoke Russia even more.

I don’t think they’ll take the bait, because they’re winning already.

But desperate people can do desperate things, and by that I mean the alien regime in Washington DC/EU.

History aficionados know that the Jewish cabal living in London, and directing DC, that taught out and is directing the One World Government, was responsible for all the world wars.

If NATO goes to war with Russia, what does the 50 million Chinese army do?

Sit back, watch Russia defeated knowing they are next, or go to Russia’s aid?

That is the question.

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What Russia is doing to Ukraine (that happens to have been trained in NATO tactics for the last 8 years) with only 10% of their army has scared the living shit out of NATO and the US.

They know damn well they wouldn’t have a chance in a conventional ground war with Russia in Eastern Europe.

They would immediately escalate the conflict to nukes and Russia would then burn down both the EU and the USA.

Oh and by the way, the US (and their ass kissers in the UK) started this whole thing with the Maidan coup in 2014.

Personally, as an armchair general, I’d cut off all gas to Europe (the MSM is already whining about mean and nasty Putin reducing NS1 – it’s a miracle it’s supplying anything), deliver to Kaliningrad via the sea, and refuse to supply Lithuania, even after the EU backs off its rail ban.

Lithuania is run by nosebags for ages. Their move, although boneheaded, is not unexpected.

And they will get what they deserve I reckon.

The agreement on Kaliningrad dates back to the Potsdam Conference and was endorsed by the US and UK. The transit treaty signed by Lithuania was a precondition for them to join EU and NATO and is three decades old.

Guess we can add this to America’s long list of broken agreements.

Perhaps our biggest broken agreement is the dollar.

That one will bite us hard, you ain’t seen nothin yet…


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