Worried about Trump-stoked exodus of immigrants, Canada discourages illegal crossings

Pablo Rodriguez, a member of Parliament, leaned over from his seat in the middle of the table and asked everyone to spread the word: Please do not cross into Canada illegally.
“Get the facts and make a decision based on the right facts, before leaving your jobs and taking your children out of school and going up there hoping to stay there forever,” Rodriguez said. “Because if you don’t qualify … you will be returned and in this case not to the United States. You will have lost your status and would be returned to your country of origin.”

… way to go CANADA! …
He said that Canada is “an open country” and a nation of immigrants. But, he stressed, immigrating to the country needs to be done legally.
“You can’t just come to Canada and cross the border and stay there the rest of your life,” he said. “We want to avoid a humanitarian crisis along the border.”

… yep! … but the deep state swamp critters here haven’t a clue of what that means! …
But the Canadian government wants to be proactive, he said. Rodriguez said officials wanted to counter false reports in Latin American media that suggest migrating to Canada is an easy way to find immigration relief.
“We want to have an honest, transparent conversation,” Rodriguez said. “Canada is a very open country but there are rules.”

… and the deep state swamp critters here are lawless themselves! …
In the U.S., Hernandez and his wife Maritza lived a solid middle-class life. He made enough money as a construction worker to buy a three-bedroom home, two vehicles and still have enough for savings. His young children attended good schools.
But he said that in a moment of confusion about the legal process he skipped his asylum hearing in Atlanta.

… like DUH?!?!?!? … he’s not in the country legally and he has a moment of “confusion” skipping his ASYLUM HEARING? …
Germany no longer taking in asylum seekers from Italy & Greece – report
Asylum seekers from Italy and Greece will no longer be accepted as part of the EU relocation program by Germany, Die Welt reported citing the country’s Interior Ministry.
Germany’s role in the relocation of asylum seekers from Italy and Greece is coming to an end. “Germany largely completed the relocation in 2017,” a spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry told Die Welt on Monday.
The European relocation agreement officially expired on September 26 of last year. In the coming weeks there will be only “sporadic” arrivals that could not be implemented in the past year.
As large numbers of refugees landed in Italy and Greece in 2015, EU states promised to remedy the situation.

What happened to welcoming all the refugees with open arms?
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