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Gonna get hate from both sides for this but as my depression area share cropping father told me “If you find yourself standing alone for what you believe, you’re either crazy, a liar or telling the truth.”

Not a Trump fan, comes across like a used car salesman.
Not a Biden fan, comes across like a pedo uncle.
Hate materialism, it rots your soul.
Hate communism, it fills hearts with envy, bitterness and malice for your neighbors and your nation.
Hate nihilism in any and all forms, it spits in the Creators face.
Love and respect the US Constitution and the God given liberties it protects.
Love Jesus.

Had a conversation with my 20 year old grandson yesterday on Facebook. He posted about the Milwaukee recount and how Biden got more votes the second time around, and how much it makes Trump and his cronies look like idiots. My reply?

The point of the recount was never to gain votes, but to bring into question the integrity/accuracy of the process. Trump’s team won that fight, the left doesn’t see it, and surprisingly the right doesn’t seem to see it either. Biden gained 257 votes and Trump added 125. Think about that for a second. 382 votes were missed, or about .1% of the total vote count (remember that number). Now time for some lawspeak:


Federal law mandates that voting systems meet a very stringent standard for accuracy in
counting votes. The Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA), Section 301(a)(5) states:

The error rate of the voting system in counting ballots … shall comply with the error rate
standards established under section 3.2.1 of the voting systems standards issued by the
Federal Election Commission which are in effect on the date of the enactment of this Act.

The error rate standard referenced in the law is “a target error rate of no more than one
in 10,000,000 ballot positions, with a maximum acceptable error rate in the test process
of one in 500,000 ballot positions.”3 A “ballot position,” also called “vote position” is
any choice presented to the voter, such as a single candidate in a contest or a single
response to an issue.

For example, a ballot with 10 contests and 3 candidates in each
contest would have 30 vote positions.

While the maximum legal error rate of 0.00001% may be unrealistic, it is law. However,
it is rare that any officials analyze the error rate of a voting system used in a real
election. So, for practical purposes, the error rate allowed for the test process is the
acceptable rate – 0.0002% – still a very high standard of accuracy. Testing properly to
such a high standard would be extremely time consuming.

So all Trump had to do, according to the HAVA act of 2002, was prove that the error rate of Milwaukee was greater than 0.00013% (which is .00001% x the 13 ballot positions on the Milwaukee ballot).

So. Not a Trump fan, not a Biden fan, but this HELPS Trumps case…a whole wheelbarrow full.



h/t russianbot2020


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