Wow! $71,000 a year and they are on strike

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7 billion dollar budget and you fat, overpaid slobs still can’t keep 25% of children from dropping out before graduation.

Right now your average salary is $71,000.

In 5 years your average salaries will be increased to $100,000, for barely 170 days of work.

And you still are demanding housing subsidies?

And a Gofundme for food while your fat faces and bloated guts line dance on party down on the picket line?

“Chicago Public Schools continues to underperform the state academic achievement benchmarks year after year. Average SAT scores in CPS schools are 56 points lower than the state average, four-year graduation rates are 11 percentage points lower and the percentage of CPS teachers rated proficient or excellent comes in at 11 percentage points lower than the state average. And currently, 1 in 4 CPS students don’t graduate high school.”


No wonder they are the most bankrupt state in the world.

Nice fat pensions, too, thanks to the greedy teacher’s union.

“a recently retired career teacher makes more in retirement than the average Chicago household income ($71,020).”

Median household income in Chicago is $55,000




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